Wind Through The Willows With SK

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An old chair gets pretty hand-painted canvas upholstery with SK
My first go round with this cracked leather chair didn't turn out brilliantly. I could not fix or disguise the leathers multiple cracks.

My decision to cover the old leather was a hard one. I so wanted to keep the old leather. Twas not to be.

Using silver foil, I covered the bare wood areas not covered by upholstery.

Foiling is fun, makes a mess as the frail foil floats on a breeze as your working with it. I love foiling. You cannot get the same look with paint.
I wanted a simple and inexpensive fabric. Painters canvas tarp is inexpensive and sturdy.
It took me time to iron out the folds and creases. Canvas duck has an amazing memory when it comes to creases.
The fabric was cut to the width and depth of the seat and back with an added 4" to all sides for wrap and stapling.

With the fabric damp, I began to staple my pieces into place. This assures the fabric will tighten as it dries.

My pneumatic staple gun makes tightening and stapling the canvas into place much quicker.
Wanting a simple freeform patterned fabric, willow branches and leaves were my inspiration.

With the fabric damp, watercoloring began with my lightest gray for stems and leaves, finishing up with darker and darker accents.
Not finding a braid the correct color, I set off using the chalk paint to dye the braid, it came through with flying colors. Sorry bad pun...
When the canvas was completely dry and tight , I started adding more color and detail. With a permanent marker I added small details.
The Graphic Fairy is the very best place to find amazing graphics.
Chickadees gather to share warmth on this cold winter day, on the only branch they could find. Lucky they chose my chair.
Thanks to the Graphic Fairy for the pretty birds.
The braid was hot glued into place. I stapled the braids tension corners for durability.

I painted in a few light cream and white highlighted leaves for dimension.
The little stool came from my father's shop. The design and color were made to match.

Thanks for visiting.

SK on Elderberry
Suggested materials:
  • Chalk paint, painters canvas tarp   (Custom chalk paint by SK)
  • Painters canvas tarp   (Home Improvement Store)
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  • Linda Hunt Linda Hunt on Apr 08, 2017
    This is the second piece of yours that I have discovered and both of them are in gorgeous shades of blue. I was on the hunt to find the first French Blue you used on an I find that it may be custom mixing by you S.K.!!! Darn. There are stronger words of course but we are a polite society, lol. I must compliment your skills that I am oddly proud of being envious of, hehhehee. Truly beautiful you

    • SK on Elderberry SK on Elderberry on Apr 08, 2017
      So funny you are the second person this afternoon to talk about my french blues. I will tell you what I did. You can be beautiful too and make your own. Sherwin Williams flat latex. 6519 Hinting Blue 6520 Honest Blue 6521 Notable Blue for glaze. My chalk recipe: 2 part paint. 1 part ground white chalk, calcium carbonate ground. I mix my paint and chalk using a stem hand mixer. Adding a touch of water when needed. I use a metal mesh sieve to put the paint through. This guarantees I get a smooth paint. I only make enough of anyone color for a project. I also mix again occasionally to keep the chalk from settling. Good luck. The paintgods be with you. SK on Elderberry