Small Space Paint Booth

5 Minutes
Have limited space? Create this paint booth in under 5 minutes!
My husband has a workshop next to out home. He builds canoes and canoe paddles. When he is working on a canoe (they are 18' long), not much "walk around" space is left. I made this little paint booth on the work bench. It allows me to work on my smaller projects without getting in his way. Of course, once the canoe is done - I spread out again! ~ ; )
Some time ago I had purchased some interlocking floor mats at our local Walmart. I believe they were $9.99. Holy Cow! It came to me like a bolt out of the blue! I could use these to make a paint booth!
It will take three squares. Just connect them as shown.
There you go. Pick it up and put it where you need it to be. When you are done with your project, take it apart and store it easily.
You could even paint it to allow a bit more "light" to the booth. I believe they come in colors so you could use your favorite color or paint the grey ones. Of course, use proper ventilation if you are spraying paint.

Too easy to be real! ~ ; )
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  • Lori Lori on Mar 07, 2015
    Great idea, thank you. I'm always spraying paint all over the place. You should see my downstairs shower floor. :(