Walls, Floors, Furniture, Oh My! Tile Stencils Are Everywhere!

Move on over plain white walls, plain furniture, and beige floors! Tile Stencils feature bold patterns and are being used in fresh new ways to create stunning home decor. Whether you opt for traditional European designs, Latin American designs, or geometric patterns, these tile stencils will give your home character and artistic flair. Still need some inspiration? Make sure to check out these 17 DIY ideas that transform anything from floor to wall to anything in between:
Jen's Furniture Rehab loves how our Anastasia Damask Tile Stencil transformed her floor! She says, "Thank you for providing a beautiful, high quality product that gave me an amazing result!" This amazing look was created by simply stenciling the tile pattern over the floor in alternating paint colors to create a checkerboard effect.
Do you Have a floor in need of replacing, but don't have the time or money to invest in it? Check out this idea! The Art Factory transformed their bathroom floor with our Verona Tile Stencil by directly covering up the old vinyl.
This simple, elegant and budget-friendly creative stenciled linen project featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine will be a hit at any wedding or special occasion since you can alter the stencil pattern, fabric and colors easily to coordinate with the event's theme. Here, it's shown with our Florence Tile Stencil in beautiful blues and white.
Chaotically Creative says, "Stencils are the absolute easiest and fastest solution to update pretty much ANYTHING!" She decorated this serving tray with our Tuscan Tile Stencil for her outdoor summer parties. You can do the same with your favorite colors!
Trendy throw pillows don't have to be expensive. Instead, you can paint the fabric of DIY pillows with stencils! Tile Stencils are great for this easy project because they perfectly fit the size of the throw pillow.
Deb of Nomadic Decorator needed to add the finishing touch to her DIY side table and found the perfect addition using our Tile Stencils. The Palermo Tile Stencil and gold metal leaf created the Florentine design that the table shape also mimicked. Deb loves how quick this project was - and that she can admire her stencil work and place a drink safely nearby.
Painted furniture begs for the opportunity to be stenciled. Tile Stencils work really well for a lot of pieces because of their square shape. Fru Pigalopps Verksted's square side table was painted with a streak finish and our Florence Tile Stencil. Doesn't it look like the pattern was made for it?
You don't have to go south of the border to bring home a colorful Mexican Talavera tile table with a fun, folk art flair! This popular DIY using our Talavera Tile Stencils shows you how to stencil your own faux tile table. Zero tile-laying experience required! What's even better is you can follow this tutorial with any of our Tile Stencils to create any style you want!
Tile Stencils also work wonderfully on stair risers because of their size and their ornamental or European designs. You can add a contemporary design to the Tuscan Tile Stencil by using Royal Stencil Crme paints like Heartwork Organizing did or you can transport yourself to wine country and bask in the sun of Italy like we did right here in our studio.
Creative customer Julie says, "I love your stencils and I watched all of your tutorials. My project turned out awesome!!! Thank you! I used the Anastasia Damask Tile Stencil and turned my boring archway into this!!"
This DIY project features our Villa Tile Stencil and Florence Tile Stencil, but in a whole new way! These cute kids' rooms get that extra wow factor by its checkerboard stencil design. The color scheme and decor differentiate these little boy and girl rooms.
Tracy decided to tackle her first stencil project, and LOVED the result! And using our Sicilia Tile Stencils were easier to use than she thought! Tracy said she "let some creativity slip out with the help of your beautiful stencils and encouraging videos." Do you love her terracotta inspired patio?
Tile Stencils can also be used in a random pattern to produce custom wall art. Southern Inspirations' sultry powder room is adorned with the Florence Tile Stencil and a dark green plaster wall finish. It's the perfect amount of pattern that doesn't take away from the overall feel of the space.
Another great way to utilize Tile Stencil is your home is to paint these designs in a repeated pattern to create a border. Borders are beautiful for framing walls and highlight the room's decor. Our Palermo Tile Stencil is a lovely complement to the Italian design and wall finish of this room, don't you think?

Stencils by Royal Design Studio www.royaldesignstudio.com
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