Color-matched Caulking

Here's something new in the world of caulk: ExactColor Sealant from Sashco is an easy way to create your own custom color sealant, and no special tools are required. Each tube comes complete with everything you need to tint the caulk, including a plastic syringe and chemical activator. The color comes from standard latex paint, water-based solid stain or universal pigments-using any color you prefer.
Simply fill the syringe with 30 ml of paint or pigment and inject it into the tube of caulk. Shake the tube for 60 seconds. Then, add the tube of chemical activator and shake again to thicken the liquid into caulk. The ExactColor is then ready for application, extruding from the caulk gun as a smooth, workable sealant. Create a perfect color match to your project or highlight an architectural feature with a contrasting color caulk. This water-based acrylic sealant offers powerful adhesion, is easy to clean up and features elastic flexibility to prevent cracking. Learn more about color-matched caulk at .
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  • Z Z on Nov 12, 2012
    Thank you @SheilaG, I'm going to. I'm sure he'll like it once it's done. One less job on his list too. And his list is still very long. As is mine, but I'll be happy to do this.

  • Somewhat Quirky Somewhat Quirky on Jan 07, 2013
    Oh man!!! A friend and i wanted to invent this! Crap!!! Now we have to think of something else!