How To Keep Dark Lampshades From Fading

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I have the best solution of how to keep dark lampshades from fading. This is an inexpensive project that is quick, easy, and it works.

Around here in January, the new year always brings smaller projects. Ones like organizing, cleaning and tidying up. Buttoning up little issues that have come about, like filling vacated nail holes, touch up painting, maybe some decor switch-a-roo. You know, little things to fill that nesting and cozying up need during the winter. Since I’ve reorganized my pantry about 6000 times in the past 11 years, I decided to focus on the fun stuff, like shopping the house and moving some things around. Nothing too drastic, like, this lamp might look better in here, that rug runner would look great in front of the stove instead of in the hallway; these types of projects that give me such enjoyment.

We have these two lamps in our den that are two of my favorite lamps in our whole house. I love the gold and black combination. There’s something so chic and traditional about a dark lampshade. The risk though with a dark lampshade, is the fact that they have a tendency to fade.

These lamps have lit up a variety of locations just in our den alone, and where they’ve landed now (and where I believe they will stay), is right in front of an east-facing window. The sun shines directly through those smaller windows from sunrise until around mid-morning, give or take the time of year. I didn’t take the sunlight into consideration at the time, but since I’m happy with the lamps flanking the couch, I became concerned that the black shades would inevitably begin to fade.

Got me thinking how to keep dark lampshades from fading.

As I sat there looking around, thinking, my eyes landed on a framed print. I noticed how the art hasn’t faded one bit. Then, I was on to something. I have shared how important UV glass is when framing artwork. Whether it’s a card, poster or print, UV glass is paramount in preserving the colors of the work. I swear by it.

So, how about I apply UV film to those east-facing windows, where the sunlight beams in, directly on the black lampshades. Well, I went no further in my research than the auto supply section. This UV film is applied to the windows of cars and trucks all the time. However, the caveat was to find a near-clear, transparent UV protection film. Easy enough.

I measured and ordered the UV film and followed the manufacture’s installation directions. With a sharp razor and squeegee that are provided, this project ended up being a cinch. Took less than 10 minutes for both windows.

It’s been a little over three months since I applied the UV film to the windows. I wanted to test and make sure that this quick solution to keeping the lampshades from fading really worked before I shared the tip with y’all. It does! It works beautifully and there is zero sign of any fading whatsoever on either shade.

If you have windows where sunlight penetrates in, I highly recommend applying this UV film. Not only will it keep dark lampshades from fading, but curtains, fabrics and rugs as well. This is a totally budget friendly tip to keep your decor colors looking fresh.

Here is a link to the lamps that are in our den.

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Suggested materials:
  • UV film   (Amazon)
  • Squeegee
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  • Sandra R-J Sandra R-J on Jan 08, 2022

    I bought some UV film two months ago to stop the sun damaging our blue curtains and lounge.

    We have east and north facing, floor to ceiling, glass sliding doors (we live in Sydney, Australia). I installed new blue curtains only 9 months ago and I can see they've faded where the sunlight hits them.

    I've been hesitant to start but now I'm inspired to install it today!

    • Farmhouse 1820 Farmhouse 1820 on Jan 10, 2022

      Hi Sandra,

      I highly recommend installing the UV film. And hey, you have it already on hand, which is great. It's a quick and easy project and reaps all the benefits!!

  • Kathy Kathy on Jan 09, 2022

    I love black and gold also. So I am in love with your lamps.