Kitchen Window Replacement

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I hated our old kitchen window and it was far from energy efficient as well...we nearly doubled the window size with the new energy efficient window...

Before: the old window.

we removed all the screws both inside and outside that held the window in place.

Whoever put this old window in did not bother to make sure the window would fit properly...on the top it was snug but on the bottom it was 1/4 inch away from from the framing......this also explained why it always cold.

Time to remove the old window....

now the real work begins...after removing the siding off the exterior the guys started to rebuild the framing for the new window including building a header to support the window properly....the old window apparently had no top header at all....

once all the construction part was done the guys put the insulation and siding back....

the new framing is now ready for the window....and I took extra measures to protect my faucet...

the guys applied the Vycor Plus Adhering Flashing

and then slipped the new window in and secured it....

while the guys applied the window trim outside I worked on the window trim inside

using 1"x 3" smooth pine and a couple of medallions,I framed the window out and painted it a high gloss white...

all done and now my kitchen is flooded with sunshine....I can easily open the window and with the larger window,we get more fresh air in the house.

Suggested materials:

  • Window   (home depot)
  • 2"x4"-weatherstripping   (had)
  • Trim,chalk,medallions   (home depot)

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