Squeaky Doors: Eliminate them in Less Than 10 Minutes

10 Minutes
This past weekend I'd had enough of our squeaky master bedroom door. I'm an early riser and feel awful when I open the door and wake up my wife. So I decided to tackle our noisy door with just a hammer, screwdriver, nail set and Blaster silicone lubricant. Ten minutes later our door opened and closed like a champ. The process I used worked so well I thought I'd share it here via this link to my blog http://www.homerepairtutor.com/stop-squeaky-doors-in-less-than-10-minutes/
Do your squeaky doors irritate you as much as mine do?
Removing squeaky hinge pins is pretty darn simple
Use a silicone based lubricant like Blaster
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  • Jenny Jenny on Nov 02, 2016
    Cooking oil spray also works a treat. Just spray it on hinges, open and shut door a couple of times then wipe off the excess oil. 2 minute job. Same idea is also useful for glass roller door wheels.

  • Katherine Katherine on Aug 30, 2017
    My husband has always just sprayed the whole hinge with lubricant which makes the whole thing a dust magnet. Now I know the right way to do it! Thanks for sharing and for pointing too so we really got the message!