Funky Wellington Boots as Planters

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I split my fancy expensive wellies after only 18 months (Grrrr!). My own fault as I should have ordered a bigger size for more toe wriggle room! Anyhow, they were too pretty to throw away, so I thought I would plant them up. Here is the result. They are sitting at the front door. I hope they bring a smile to any visitors to our home!
Planted up with purple pansies and a silver plant whose name escapes me for the moment!
Wellies are weighted down with rocks and in the top is a yoghurt carton that has potting mix and drainage holes.
I made drainage holes in the boots too using a screw driver through the soles of the boots in the instep area.
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  • Mariposa Mariposa on Jul 25, 2013
    Madelyn I agree Duster Miller.

  • Fenya Kashergen Fenya Kashergen on Jan 01, 2015
    So now you have the most expensive planters on the block. Glad you are recycling.

    • Carole Carole on Jan 01, 2015
      @Fenya Kashergen When you leave your wellies out in the sun, it does damage them. Those boots faded and pretty much fell apart after several months of sun exposure. The sun in Australia can be pretty fierce due to the huge hole in the ozone layer over Australia and New Zealand. I have another pretty pair that have split at the back from squatting down in the garden to tend to plants and also a split across the top of the foot developing. I can see where they will be ending up very soon! LOL! Gotta get more use out of them before they hit the trash can!