Faux Stained Glass? Have We Gone Mad ? #sparklingspit

6 Materials
3 Days
Unicorn sparkling spit the love of Alice! How to make faux stained glass!
First find a frame you like! goodwill score pottery barn frame for 50 cents
Next grab the image you want ( I used a coloring book) dollar tree
next grab metallic black allure dimensional paint and start tracing! Don’t lean you hand on the glass as you will smear it. (Takes breaks or toe hand will cramp) this step is like piping a cake!
All finished took about an hour including breaks! ( let dry at least 2 full days I’d suggest three you will see in pictures to come)
Grab that sparkling unicorn spit and a small paint brush and dab on for wavy color effect! ( here is where I thought I was going to go as mad as the mad hatter) I didn’t wait long enough on allure and some peeled up ( thankfully an easy fix!)
Look at those beauties! That’s the sparkling unicorn spit all but the red you can get them all at this link below!
Look at that’s progress! If you want to make it a suncatcher grab some e6000 can get that at the link above too. Let that dry 24 hours as well. ( unicorn sparkling spit was all dry in about an hour once done if even that long.
and all finished! The white parts I used Mr. Nola’s glitter and modge lodge to apply ( you can find that glitter on Facebook called MR nolas glitter the white I used was krewe juice and used maybe 1/16 and ounce if that. The sparkling glitter I used nickel size of each color. Yep that’s it!
I love it the sparkle and waves and lines it looks like a real stained glass.
so what are you waiting for?.?.?. Grab your a frame some allure dimensional paint, modge lodge, glitter paint brush and rinse water and let your creativity begin! What will you create?

Suggested materials:

  • Unicorn spit sparkling spit   (http://pegasus-functional-art-supply.myshopify.com?rfsn=1540200.deebcb)
  • Mr Nola’s glitter   (Mr Nola’s glitter)
  • Frame   (Thrift store)
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