#DIYMySpring Decor: Modern Macrame Plant Hanger

1 Hour
I was perusing a thrift store recently looking for an interesting vase when I came across a modern shape that filled me with inspiration. It was a FISH BOWL! I picked it up for $2.50 and knew exactly what I would do.

With spring approaching, I wanted to bring some greenery into my home. I don't often keep live plants because I'm not very responsible about watering them. However, my sister convinced me to try a spider plant because they are apparently very forgiving with light/water conditions. She shared her spider plant with me and helped me pot it in my fish bowl.
My vision for this fish bowl plant included hanging it in my living room. I wanted to make my own modern macrame plant hanger, something simple that wouldn't detract from the glass bowl. Some macrame is so chunky. I found a GREAT tutorial for creating a DIY macrame holder from the blog lovegrowswild.com.

Since this tutorial was so great, I easily tied together 8 strands of white string into a modern macrame plant holder in less than an hour!
If you want to see exactly how to make one, please visit Liz's blog and read her excellent tutorial. There's no need for me to reiterate the same information here. The only supplies were about 50 ft of white string (I had a huge roll laying around my house), a scissors, and a swag hook to hang it from the ceiling.
I basically tied the string like a fish net, which was fitting to hang a fish bowl.
From the bottom you can see the knot my macrame holder started with and then the sections of string I tied like a net.
Then I screwed the swag hook into the ceiling wood stud and tied it up!
I chose to hang this spider plant in the corner of my living room where it will get a lot of light and is always difficult for me to decorate. It really only looks good with a Christmas tree sitting there. This plant is perfect for the space and brings me so much joy!
I hope this spider plant is happy living here!
If you enjoyed this post, please leave me a comment and share! Tell me, have you ever tried macrame? How do you display greenery in your home?
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Thank you for reading, you're the best!
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  • Tracy Tracy on Mar 14, 2016
    It doesn't look like you put any rocks for drainage. Is there something there that we just can't see? Like black fish tank gravel? It won't do well if that is all dirt and there is no drainage. It'll start to smell like a fish tank 😄

  • Sheetal Sheetal on Mar 01, 2017
    Hello- Love your idea. What hardware did you use to hang the planter? I've been trying to find instructions on ceiling hooks and don't see much on google.

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  • KimofCoventry KimofCoventry on Apr 09, 2021

    Looks great and your sister is right, spider plants are easy! It’s almost always better to water less than overwatering. I’ve saved so many plants over the years, at work, from neglect. Spider plants are always looking good though. They do like their roots snug in the container, so good choice. Just don’t overwater without drainage. I have many. It will be fine, and happy in that great hanger and spot!