What to Do With a Bottle Cap? Make It Into an Easter Bonnet Magnet!

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
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I made this back in 2009 and it came together just as it was supposed to. It's a rather "older style" craft but is so much fun to do with the kids.
To make just one, you will need to lay out your supplies on a non stick surface. Dollar Tree cutting mats work great, but any clean surface is fine. Using your plastic guide, cut out a circle on the fabric.

When looking for the perfect 4" fabric guide, look no further than the inside of a butter tub or sour cream lid.

If you have crimping shears, that will work for keeping the fabric from unraveling. Sadly I didn't.
With your hot glue gun, put a very small dot on top of your cap and around the sides every "10 minutes or so" like on a clock: 10 after, 20 after, etc.

That gives you 6 dots of glue. Immediately place the fabric over the center of the cap at the center of the fabric, and pop that medicine bottle down on it fast. Do not use the cool temp as it won't melt and spread when you need it to.

NOTE: Don't push too far down on the bottle as it is hard to get a grip on the cap once the hot glue dries. If this happens tho', just get a pliers and open them inside the cap and they will come out.

That will give you a little bit of ruffle. Leave it on 10-15 seconds, and take it off.

With matching ribbon, wrap it around and hot glue it to itself and trim, adding some flowers, beads, etc. I put a button on the top, but you don't have to.

You can make it a red hat with a purple sash and flowers, very country with raffia and buttons, or fancy with lace and tulle, sequins or pearls/faux gems.

Once done, cover the back with felt and hot glue. Then, use the tacky glue to attach the magnet strip or pin back. If you use the pin back, make sure the direction of the pin allows for the flower to sit on the bottom of the pin, as if it were hanging on a wall.

NOTE: If you are wondering why I didn't recommend using the hot glue for the magnet it's because the magnet surface is pretty slick and often, they don't stay glued for long. For the pin back however, the glue will ooze through the little holes and adhere perfectly.

This is a fun thing to do with kids, making sure you do the gluing!! N-JOY!!
Suggested materials:
  • Soda bottle cap   (Had at home)
  • Medicine bottle exactly 1 and 3/5" (this is the perfect dimensions to cover the bottle cap.   (Had at home)
  • Scrap fabric   (Had at home)
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