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Check Out What I Did With This Ornament From the Dollar Store!

I wanted to make a banner to be used in decorating my Christmas Mantle so I headed to the Dollar Store and picked up these great Reindeer Ornaments!
With just the Ornaments, some wire ribbon and burlap I was able to create a great banner!
First I started by marking my burlap strips with a ruler to get my banner shapes and then cut them out with some pinking sheers to keep the fraying in check.
Next I sewed a decorate stitch down each side of the banner shape both to keep the burlap from fraying and because its pretty!
Next I added my wire ribbon at the top of each banner shape to hold the string that my ornament will hang from.
Hang the ornament from the string that was attached....
I used a wire ribbon with star shapes to hang the banner with and it worked great. Hang the banner from your mantle and you'll have a great start to a beautiful Christmas Mantle!
For more detailed instructions and other tips and tricks to a great Christmas Mantle on a budget check out my latest blog post!

To see more: http://bit.ly/1Q4DVMo

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