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Wire Fencing Turned Christmas Light Decor

This was a post written by one of my contributors, T. She found some wire fencing and put creative spin on it for her outdoor Christmas decorations.
She hung it on her front porch and used it to form a Christmas tree out of her Christmas lights.
This is the wire fencing she found in her barn. She unrolled it and measured her porch where she wanted to hang it.
Once the wire was flattened and on the ground, then secured with wood to hold it down, she measured and cut the wire. Next, the wire needed to be attached to the porch. This was done by placing a few nails at the top and bottom of the porch railings and hooking the wire on, then hammering the nails closed a bit to hold the wire in place.
What do you think? I think T had a fabulous trash to treasure idea!

To see more: http://www.diyinspired.com/upcycle-wire-fencing-for-outdoor-christmas-lights/

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