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Book Page Wreath

I have pages from old books coming out my ears, so in my quest to use of some of them, I created a wreath from some antique book pages.
It's a very inexpensive project to make (less than $10), although it does take some time to complete.
The wonderful thing about using book pages to make a wreath is the neutral color looks great all year long.
This is a great project to work on while watching a movie, since you're basically repeating the same step over and over for each page.
Tear the pages out of an old book
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $4 Difficulty: Medium
Tear the pages out of an old book, and crumple them to give them added fullness.
Fold the pages into thirds, then use a small hole punch to make hole in the bottom of each page.
I keep a big bucket by my chair to throw each page into until I have enough for a wreath.
Thread each page onto the wire ring and add a drop of hot glue to keep the pages from sliding out of position.
Make a bow out of a few more book pages and hot glue it onto the wreath.
The tutorial to make the bows is here - http://knickoftime.net/2013/01/book-page-bows-im-bowing-out.html
Visit the blog link for the step by step instructions that show how to get the beautiful full look of the pages on the ring.
I've made dozens of these wreaths and each one is unique, depending on the book selected to make them.
They make amazing and thoughtful gifts!
The full tutorial for the wreath can be found at Knick of Time. http://knickoftime.net/2013/03/book-page-wreath.html
We have many other repurposed book page projects as well.
Visit us at Knick of Time to see them all here - http://knickoftime.net/tag/repurposed-books

Materials used for this project:

  • Old book
  • Wire ring
  • Hot glue gun

To see more: http://knickoftime.net/2013/03/book-page-wreath.html

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