DIY Bunny / Small Animal Home

Entertainment Center turned into a bunny home.
Purchased an entertainment center on a website selling furniture. Got this one for less than $50.00. It is SOLID oak. SUPER HEAVY. Replaced the shelves with coated wire closet shelving. The front of the shelving has a nice size "lip" on it for containing the hay.
Under the coated shelving, placed one solid sheet of board. Actually this was an old erase board that worked great because it had the wooded lip on it. This was to catch any extra droppings or hay that would fall through the wire. This made the clean up so much easier. Our bunny used the litter box so we usually just had extra hay and a few droppings.
Underneath on this cupboard shelf, we placed a plastic container - like a garment container without the lid. This was kept out of site by the doors.
We hung a hay rack on the back wall and a water bottle on the side of the entertainment center for easy access (see below pictures). We also screwed our bunny's food dish to the top rack so she couldn't toss it around her home. This made the bottom level for droppings and the top level for food. WORKED GREAT!
Placed a ramp and covered it with an old bathtowel for the bunny to have some grip when going uphill. She took to it in no time.
We placed a piece of plexiglass in the front of the large opening (where the TV would normally go). This gave our bunny a picture window viewing area. We thought we would access the bunny over the top of the plexiglass. (If you look closely, you can see that it only goes up about 3/4 of the way. As it turned out, our bunny figured out the glass doors and would just put her paws on the doors when she wanted out.
Also placed square "chicken wire" on the back of the large enclosure.
This is our "Marble" in her new home. The rest of the bunny supplies (food, hay, etc. could be stored int he bottom drawer and cabinet.
The water bottle from the outside of the living area.

Suggested materials:

  • Entertainment center
  • Plexiglass
  • Coated wire shelving
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3 questions
  • Tin5511091
    on Apr 20, 2016

    Just wondered how comfortable it was for him. All those racks look a bit hard.

    • Mssmatch
      on Apr 20, 2016

      MESH IS EASY FOR PEOPLE. RABBITS PREFER LITTER/BEDDING if you keep it clean like you're supposed to. Mesh is just easy for people to deal with. It's the standard for farming lots of rabbits in a tiny space. This concept has carried over into the pet rabbit, but it isn't necessarily appropriate. Regardless of floor choice, remember that they need a burrow-like "safe" area to cope with stress. Many pet rabbit hutches have BOTH a mesh floor portion and a little "house" like portion that has a solid floor with bedding. Wire mesh can irritate the feet, causing bacterial infection. Plastic coated mesh can fatten the wire and provide a little more comfort - but rabbits can chew the plastic right off. Depends on the rabbit and mesh size.

  • M. M..
    on May 7, 2016

    Doesn't the bun eat/chew the plastic coating on the wire or the wood? My little guy sure would! Even solid wood can have traces of shellac, glue, formaldehyde, etc. . How will you treat the wood parts that get urine since some bunnies spray or are a lil messy? How is the smell? It would be nice for the bunny to have an old towel wrapped around a board for sleeping, then just unwrap the towel and wash it,replace it as needed. The critters need to burrow, whether it's hay or toweling. Try it - he'll probably love it!How do you secure him, if he can push on the door when you're out of the house for the day?

    • Tbna4becky
      on May 19, 2016

      He never chewed on the wood at all. He never chewed on the plastic coating on the wires either. He did chew on the towel that we had stapled to the ramp so we got rid of that. We never had any problems with urine because our guy was VERY good about using his litter box for urinating. He also pooped in the litter box and any extra pellets of poop fell down through the grating, into the receptacles below. We had a little latch on the doors so he just bumped at them to let us know he wanted our attention... he couldn't get out. We also had an area fenced in on the grass outside for him. He has since passed away so we no longer have a use for this.

  • Tara Stroud
    on May 19, 2016

    Does the rabbit chew on the wood and coating on the wire? I was thinking this might work for my chinchilla but was afraid he would just chew everything to shreads.

    • Jeri Bennett
      on May 12, 2018

      for the chewing problem just cover the inside walls with a roll of small square cage wire. Use small construction staples to affix. Our girls were chewing up their kindling boxes until I covered them in small cage wire.

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