Milk Jug Containers

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30 Minutes
If you're looking for a cute, unique way to consolidate your children's snacks and toys in their overnight bag this is the perfect little DIY project for you. If you have older littles, this would be a great weekend project to do together over a cold glass of milk and some homemade cookies. icon
-milk jugs (I used a gallon, 1/2 gallon and a quart.)
-scissors (I also used a sheet rock knife/X-Acto knife.)
-embroidery thread
-hair ties

-wooden shapes
-scrapbook paper
STEP 1: Mark milk jugs
First, I took a Sharpie a marked the edges of the jugs to how deep I wanted my containers to be.
Then I connected the dots on the edges with a curve on each flat side of the jugs...
...except for the front flat side. I took my lines all the way up to the top edge of the jugs.
STEP 2: Cut marks
Next, I cut my marks, first using a sheet rock knife to get the majority of the lines cut...
...then, using a pair of scissors for the tighter spots.
STEP 3: Bend edges and secure top
Once the basic structure of the container was made, I bent the sides down.

Then, I cut off the excess plastic from the final flap. I went back and rounded out the edges so that they weren't sharp.

*Note: After my containers were constructed, I took some acetone and cleaned off the remaining Sharpie marks, then cleaned the containers with warm soap and water.
Finally, I took a needle and embroidery thread and sewed a button on the outside of the top flap.
To secure the flap down, I poked a hole with my scissors on the bottom front of the container. I made sure to push down the top flap with the button attached in order to eye up where the hole should be.
Finally, I took a hair tie and cut it with my scissors, then threaded the cut ends of the hair tie into the hole and tied it in a knot.
These little containers are so convenient for throwing snacks and little toys in for Bo. I used Mod Podge to glue scrapbooking paper to the biggest container (made from gallon jug) but I would NOT recommend using Mod Podge--it started to come off so I would recommend using something like E6000.

*Note: Because I had all supplies on hand and was able to get milk jugs from family/friends, this project was completely FREE for me to make.
If you have children, you know how much stuff you have to pack for them--especially when traveling! I always say, "I've packed everything but the kitchen sink!" even when he's just going to his grandparents' house for the day, so these containers help consolidate his little items in his bag really nicely.
Suggested materials:
  • Milk jugs   (family/friends)
  • Scissors   (on hand)
  • Sheet rock knife   (on hand)
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  • Marva Marva on Apr 21, 2017

    This is awesome. Please send more milk jug ideas.

  • Jan Binning Jan Binning on Apr 22, 2017

    Don't let milk cartons sit

    un the sun any length of time as they get brittle disentigrate

  • Amy Cunningham-Niehaus Amy Cunningham-Niehaus on Apr 26, 2018

    Great idea. How do you keep the sides folded down?

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