I AM NOT AN EXTERMINATER!!! Please don't ask questions if it kills other insects or if it's safe for your pet . I sprayed it on my kitchen counter and it got rid of the ants and YES IT KILLED THEM DEAD!! Ants don't like the smell of vinegar, and the Windex kills them the second it hits them!! . After you spray the ants, you can just wipe them away with a paper towel, their Dead!! If you know where their coming in, keep the area wet with the solution. They Hate the scent of the vinegar, they will stay away from it.
I was washing windows in my kitchen when I noticed some ants crawling on my counter. I had the Windex in my hand, and to stop them I thought I'd wet them to slow them down. I was surprised that it killed them the second it touched them. Then I read that they hate the scent of vinegar, so I thought if I mixed the two together it would also keep them away. IT WORKS
Filled Windex spray bottle half way.u
I filled a Windex spray bottle half full with Windex.
Measured out half cup white vinegar
Measured out half cup of white vinegar.
Added vinegar to spray bottle of Windex
Added the vinegar to the Windex
Shake spray bottle
Spray on the ants, they will die instantly! Leave surface wet with solution. You can spray anywhere you don't want them to go. They won't get near it!
The ants were coming in at the window over my kitchen sink. I sprayed a line of the solution around them to keep them from going all over my counter. I just kept spraying every time I saw some. The next day they were gone. Got a wet paper towel and just wiped up the counter. I sprayed some of the solution to clean it all up.

Suggested materials:

  • Windex spray  (Supermarket)
  • White vinegar  (Supermarket)

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  • Michele McAfee
    on Mar 29, 2017

    I live in south florida and i am finding roaches, mostly in my garage. I am not a dirty person, but have to deal with lots of creepy crawlers living in the south. Does anyone have a safe way to rid roaches? I have a dog that I worry about getting into something toxic. I would like to use inside my house as well... Thanks. Btw..most of the roaches are giant! A few small ones too, but mostly the huge ones!

    • Cathy Smith
      on Nov 13, 2019

      Living in the south you will see palmetto bugs. Aka big roaches.

      These are not your typical roach. Also called water bug.

      They also fly..and most houses will see them at some point on occasions. I have found they come inside around doors and windows, drain pipes.

      As for the best way to kill a roach, the palmetto bug.. i use a fly swatter..these are attracted to lights, water..and I have never seen them take over a house like the tiny roaches. The big ones you might see one or two occasionally.

      The typical tiny roaches, call an exterminator..

  • B
    on Oct 7, 2017

    how about red ants ???
    • Vilinda
      on Oct 2, 2018

      For some reason, I found out that ants do not like coffee. I placed some on top and around them. You could see them coming out. Next day all gone. Good Luck.

  • Dav32544490
    on May 19, 2018

    will windex and white vinegar kill stink bugs?

    • Gail
      on Oct 2, 2018

      She mentioned in her article that she doesn’t know if it will kill any other bugs.

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  • Shawndlyn Williams
    on Mar 24, 2020

    I wanted to know if the vinegar and windex will kill the ants I have in my house

  • Linda Trieu
    on May 13, 2020

    try this you gone love it > use dish wash soap 2 inches, add half bottle of 70% Alcohol and half water mix shake this would kill ant in 2sec successful :D

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