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Easiest Under the Sink Organizer Hack

If you have a mess under your kitchen sink cabinet, there’s no need to fret! I have a super easy and cheap solution, and all it takes is 15 minutes, a tension rod and some plastic baskets. Bonus: it only costs $10 so say goodbye to that mess!
Time: 15 Minutes Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
Here’s how my messy cabinet looked when I started this project. Not a pretty sight, right? Step 1: Empty out the Cabinet
I started by pulling everything out from under my sink. Emptying the sink cabinets allowed me to sort everything easily and quickly, and to get a good look at the space I had to work with. Step 2: Put up a Tension Rod
I decided to wedge in a tension rod, in order to create two "levels" for my cleaning supply storage. If you have a lot of bottles or baskets, you can even squeeze in two tension rods. Step 3: Hang up Spray Bottles
Most of my cleaning supplies are in spray bottles, so they fit perfectly over a tension rod, which clears up the much-needed floor space. Step 4: Organize Your Large Supplies
Now that I had that free space (thank you, tension rod!), I slid all the larger items I don’t use as regularly to the back of the cabinet, and put the larger items I do use regularly (like garbage bags) in the front of them. Step 5: Bring in Baskets
I laid out 3 plastic baskets and put all the medium and smaller items inside. Some of the more expensive under the sink organization kits have drawers, but plastic baskets slide in and out beautifully (and they're inexpensive), so I'm very happy with them. I wanted to corral everything in baskets so that if something spills, I can just rinse out the basket instead of having to clean everything under my sink.
Enjoy saving time and effort the next time you need to clean up a mess!
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  • Marge
    Marge Cochran, GA
    on Jul 23, 2016

    Good job!

  • Debra McMenamin
    Debra McMenamin Essex, MD
    on Jul 23, 2016

    Definitely going to try this and thanks for sharing

  • M
    M Bridgeport, CT
    on Jul 23, 2016

    Ok why didn't think of this tension rod idea? This is great!Thank you!

    • Garv
      Garv Naugatuck, CT
      on Oct 8, 2017

      she's using the box to store other things...would be unsanitary and dangerous if was real snake foodand the kids found... :))

  • Cindy Gangur
    Cindy Gangur Australia
    on Jul 23, 2016

    I really need to do this my sink cupboard is a mess, thanks.

  • Fran
    Fran Livermore, CA
    on Jul 23, 2016

    Neat idea (no pun intended). What I liked most was the video presentation and music. Very catchy.

    • Kdmckay22
      on Oct 8, 2017

      Me too! I didn’t even watch it till your comment. Thanks !

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