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Nothing Like Furniture as Art!

Oh wowzas. She took soooo long to do! I was given this dresser and thought - I need to do something fun. I saw this old card and of course, the Queen of Hearts is ideal for a nice shape. I blew the card up to see the details better and then got out the paint brushes. A month later, she's done! Well, not quite, I still need to add hardware to open the drawers. And maybe push the drawers in properly for a photo shoot, but man o man I am just so happy she is done! First time around I painted her black, then when she was done I thought no no no she needs to be red. And there you have it. The Queen of Hearts!
Time: 4 Weeks Difficulty: Advanced
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Jul 27, 2013

    I've been waiting on your next creation, you know that? You didn't dissapoint! This is unlike anything I've ever seen before!

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin Canada
    on Jul 27, 2013

    Thanks Miriam! She's a doozy! Wondering what sort of knobs or pulls to put on her now. That's the toughest part of the whole thing I think!!!

  • LisaH
    LisaH Waycross, GA
    on Jul 27, 2013

    beautiful! to me, it's begging for the small antique crystal knobs.

  • Carol L
    Carol L Moores Hill, IN
    on Jul 27, 2013

    How cute and fun is this! Thank you for sharing.

  • Ana@carpe_diem
    Ana@carpe_diem Croatia
    on Jul 27, 2013

    amazing work! I love both the idea and the outcome!

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