Removing Kitchen Sink Stains & Preventing Them From Coming Back

I have an old original, yellow, double-sided kitchen sink that has drove me crazy for over 10+ years because it is constantly stained by coffee and food. It recently got to the point of ugliness that makes me perform a deep cleaning on it.
The following is a case study on how I got rid of the stains in the sink and also on the adjacent tile counter top, as well as, how I made sure that this was the LAST time that I would never have to perform that tedious, frustrating deep cleaning process, again!
The first set of photos labeled "After Light Cleaning" show the state of the sink and tile after a normal soap and water wash down. Notice the terrible brown coffee stains in what supposed to be a "Yellow" sink. On top of that, I found crusty hard water deposits under the faucet cover and dishwasher machine drain cap. And, the other problem shown is mildew stains in the adjacent tile grout from have a dishwasher strainer sitting on top of it.
The second set of photos labeled "After Deep Cleaning" show the results of my detailed cleaning efforts. The procedure is listed below.
STEP-1: Remove the Stains
a. I took the suggestions of my friends in this forum and used Barkeeper's Best Friend powder to scrub away most of the stains (sink and on tile and grout).
b. I followed up with a bleach soak of the sinks and on the tile and grout.
STEP-2: Remove Crusty Hard Water Deposits
a. Multiple applications of Lime-Away ®, scrubbing and scraping were required to remove all of the hard water deposits on the faucet & its cover, on the dishwasher overflow valve & cap, and around the rim of the sink.
The third set of photos labeled "After Protective Coating" show the results of after applying Self-Cleen ST3 Coating. The procedure is listed below.
STEP-3: Apply Protective Coating
a. I applied Self-Cleen ST3 Self-Cleaning Protective Coating to all surfaces: sink, faucet, fixtures, plastic, tile, grout, dish strainer and sink guards. It can be found at
Per product instructions:
i. I sprayed on Coating (Part-1)
ii. I sprayed Coating (Part-2) over the top of Coating (Part-1)
iii. I swirled them together with a microfiber cloth (provided)
iv. After 30 seconds, I wiped off the excess coatings with a 2nd microfiber cloth (provided)
The coating's self-cleaning properties last about 6-months, so I have upgraded to a short, easy coating procedure to be performed every 6-months - in place of the constant deep-cleaning battle and stained sink problems.
Deep-Cleaning the Sink, Fixtures, Tile and Grout: Over 1.5 hours
Applying Protective Coating: About 15 min.
My kitchen sink, faucet, tile and grout look better than ever. The sink actually has a finish that shines and reflects.
I don't have to worry about stains from coffee or food. The sink finish is protected from scratching from pans, etc.
Cleaning is simple - just wipe-down with a light cleaning solution from now on.
No hard water deposit build-up.
No worries about bacteria, mold or mildew growth.
Life is Good and my Project is DONE!
I look forward to any questions that you may have.

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    • Matthew Gingerella
      Matthew Gingerella Riverside, CA
      on Aug 18, 2013

      Hi all, as a follow-up to the Stain Preventing Efforts described in my post, above, I have taken video footage - weeks later - to show you how the sink is holding up. As a bonus, I have included a 2-Hour Coffee Soak stain test in the video. You MUST see the results. Watch this Video. Matthew

    • Irene jarosz
      Irene jarosz Gurnee, IL
      on Aug 20, 2013

      where do you find self-cleen st3 self cleaning coating?