Cheap Easy DIY Fall Wreath With Fresh Leaves for $0!

5 Materials
30 Minutes

Front door wreaths are beautiful but expensive to purchase and awkward to store. I use this easy trick to make my own gorgeous front door wreath from fresh fall leaves to save $$ and storage space (it's biodegradable so you can throw it away at the end of the season with no guilt). Look how lovely it turned out!

This wreath uses fresh fall leaves from your yard, cardboard, kitchen tools, and NO SPECIAL CRAFT SUPPLIES. It costs almost nothing to make and is so easy you can complete it while watching television!
Colorful fall leaves are my favorite part of autumn. I love the gorgeous colors and always want to collect them for crafts. Unfortunately, beautiful leaves gathered one afternoon are usually a brown curled-up mess the next morning. I'm too impatient to press the leaves between books for weeks & weeks, so I use a QUICK DRY method to quickly flatten the leaves while keeping their colors bright.
First I collect leaves in lots of different colors and shapes. I simply walk around my neighborhood looking for freshly fallen leaves that have no holes or damage. (You can dry all the leaves at once or make a few leaves a day until you have the desired amount.)
I use my kitchen microwave and some parchment paper to dry the leaves.
Next I press them flat with my household iron. You can check out the blog post on for the full instructions.
Voilá… perfectly pressed leaves ready to use for your favorite craft or home decor. They look great in a centerpiece, floral arrangement, or wreath.
I make my leaves into a front door wreath by attaching them to a wreath shape I cut from an old cardboard box.
Gorgeous fall color for $0... love it! If you want to see exactly how I completed the wreath, please check out the post on and see for yourself!

Suggested materials:

  • Leaves  (Outside)
  • Cardboard Box  (Recycling)
  • Iron  (Laundry Room)
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Bren Did

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12 questions
  • NVC
    on Aug 29, 2016

    How long do you microwave the leaves and at what setting?

  • Susan
    on Aug 29, 2016

    I read your blog but didn't see this addressed. The leaves you are holding look smooth. The wreath leaves look very "crinkly" with lots of visible veins. Does that occur through th prep process - microwaving, ironing, etc.? ( is this quedtion ckear as mud?) Thanks!

    • Bren Did
      on Aug 29, 2016

      The fresh leaves (in my hands) are less crinkly than the dried leaves. The drying process wrinkles them different amounts for different types of leaves. It's not too noticeable once they are on the wreath. Thanks for asking!

    • Susan
      on Aug 30, 2016

      And thank you for answering. Personally, I love the wrinkly-crinkly look. Around these here parts (that's Texas talk) we don't always have pretty fall leaves but since we've had so much rain this year I'm keeping fingers crossed. I've bookmarked your site. Thanks again.

  • Linda Potter
    on Aug 29, 2016

    I take it that this is for inside, where it can't get wet? I would love to do this but the door I want to put it on will get hit by rain.

    • Bren Did
      on Aug 29, 2016

      You will want to use it in a protected area. Rain would ruin it. My door has a porch over it so it is protected.

    • Elaine
      on Aug 29, 2016

      Hi Linda - I now live in a condo and miss decorating a front door. Solution? Hang the wreath on the INSIDE of the door! It'll brighten up your foyer and you'll see it everytime you walk by. For the outside of your door, coat the cardboard with Modge podge (for protection) and use Dollar Store faux leaves if you really want a wreath on the front.

    • Linda Potter
      on Aug 29, 2016

      Thanks Elaine - my front door is under a covered porch and I love my front door fall wreath that I made for it last year. I was looking for something to put on my side garage door. I have 3 acres of woods so when I saw this I thought that's right up my alley. I think I'll still try it and keep the wreath inside, maybe on the door to my basement!? I love everything Fall!

    • Elaine
      on Aug 30, 2016

      I like the Fall too. After the record-setting and non-stop heat we've had up here in Southern Ontario, I'm liking it even more! lol!

  • Jessica McCarthy
    on Aug 29, 2016

    How do you attach the leaves?

  • Janet
    on Aug 29, 2016

    Who do you keep them from being very crumbly?

  • Karen
    on Sep 3, 2016

    Approximately how long would we dry the leaves out in the microwave??

  • Pho9212242
    on Sep 10, 2016

    Did you use a glue gun or Elmer's glue?

  • Christy Roppel
    on Sep 20, 2016

    I read your tutorial and still have 2 questions: 1. Can I use Glue instead of staples? 2. I don't see the staples on the back. Did you cover the back or did the staples just not show through due to the thickness of the cardboard. Thanks!

    • Sandra Allen
      on Sep 30, 2016

      If you look closely you can see some tiny spots where the staples are. While I can't speak for her, I would test your glue choices and see if they work. I hope that helps.

    • Bren Did
      on Oct 4, 2016

      I've never tried using glue, sorry. I did not cover the back, some of the staples showed some did not.

  • Ellen
    on Sep 29, 2016

    To the leaves eventually turn brown like they do on the ground?

    • Stella Gray
      on Oct 3, 2016


    • Bren Did
      on Oct 4, 2016

      Mine did not turn brown after about 6 weeks, I only keep the wreath for one season.

    • Janice
      on Mar 3, 2017

      Try mod podge with a foam brush. Do one side and let dry then the other. Lay out on wax paper so they do not stick. They hold their color and are pliable. Would not recommend putting them outside.

    • Cheryl Biermann
      on Aug 23, 2017

      This is brilliant and beautiful!
  • Rusty46
    on Sep 29, 2016

    How long to you leave in microwave?

  • Gloria Salmanowitz
    on Sep 29, 2016

    You didn't mention how you attach leaves. Are they glued on?

    • Helen Guffey
      on Oct 12, 2016

      In her tutorial she shows that she staples on a few at a time covering previous staple.. When she is through she glues on single leaves to cover any staples that are still showing.

    • Robin Senese
      on Oct 17, 2016

      Pretty cool thank you

  • Gayle Franklin
    on Oct 19, 2017

    Why not use hot glue?

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