My "Shipwreck" Water Lily Pond

What do you do when you find awesome 10 foot long pallets that look like boardwalks and rescue an unloved, cracked and weathered 8 foot boat hull? Turn them into a water garden with a "boat dock" seating area!
The completed boat water garden.
I found this fiberglass boat hull for free on Craigslist so I took her home. I already knew what I wanted to do with this and I liked the "rusty" old weathered interior.
There was a big crack down the back which needed to be repaired.
I found these two awesome huge pallets while driving by a coffee shop on my way to work. Getting them home in my SUV was an adventure in itself but so worth it.
I painted the boat a calming blue/gray color.
I repaired the crack with some epoxy and silicone and gave the boat a new name. I wasn't too concerned about the name being perfectly centered as it wasn't going to be very visable in it's new home.
I purchased this gorgeous tropical water lily named "Key Largo" which opens in the daytime and closes at night. It is a beautiful lavender purple with an orange center.
The lily pads spread out and covered the entire four foot width of the boat.
I also added some water hyacinths which produce beautiful blue flower stalks.
I placed the boat where it appears to have crashed into rocks.
I created boat seats simply by laying boards across the front and back of the boat.
Finally, I placed cinder blocks under both ends of the pallet to elevate it and make it level. This is now a "boat dock" seating area.
View from the back.

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  • Beth Ward
    on Jan 11, 2016

    Maybe you could add a few mosquito fish or a goldfish or two to eat the larve that will surely be laid into this adorable little pond.

  • Elisha Kramer
    on Jan 10, 2019

    Loving these enchanted rocks

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