From Pool to Patio

The pool was 20 years old and needed $25,000 in work. All the kinds had flown the coop...time for something new! Plus we live in the snow belt and would prefer getting more than 2.5 months use out of the area. So if you LOVE pools, scroll by so you don't cry!

from pool to patio, pool designs

Having fun with the jackhammer! I got to play too!

Now to move it all into the hole in the ground!

8 loads of fill dirt...leveled by hand! Two adults and two shovels and some GREAT exercise!

from pool to patio, pool designs

Getting there!

And this was in July!

from pool to patio, pool designs

8 Loads leveled

from pool to patio, pool designs

Now time for topsoil! More shoveling and raking!

from pool to patio, pool designs

Pavers in!

from pool to patio, pool designs

Starting to take shape!

from pool to patio, pool designs

Looking good!

from pool to patio, pool designs

Time for some landscaping!

from pool to patio, pool designs

Our party area that can be used more than two and half months a year!

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  • Cindy Fuller
    on Dec 23, 2017

    why get rid of pool I thought they would do whole yard,must not have grands cause a 4 ft better than none
    • Melodi Whitaker
      on May 14, 2018

      She said that the pool needed $25,000 worth of work. For something they could only use a few months out of the year, that’s crazy expensive! Plus a pool requires upkeep, chemicals, heating etc. and that is not cheap either. This was a very good solution and they could add some posts and hang a sail shade to make it cooler and also hang lights around the edges.

  • Shanno
    on Jan 11, 2018

    Are you willing to share what it cost you to complete this project? Especially the demolition and filling in. We have a pool we'd like to get rid of, but we suspect it might cost as much to demo it as it would to fix it! We would probably just do grass, not a patio, so that might save some costs.
    • Kle31588052
      on Aug 27, 2018

      We took out our 24 foot round above ground pool and laid patio stone and put in a fire pit. We found a friend who donated his brick for our fire pit and the stone we got from Home Depot was $1.05 a square. We spent about $1,200 for a patio that covered the area the pool was in. Since the pool was there, we took it down ourselves which was pretty easy and then the sand was there from the pool and it was level so the install of the patio stone was relatively easy. We get much more use out of this patio, all year long. We are now entertaining during football season so much more use than just the pool for the 3 months. Plus the cost, maintenance, cleaning. The pool became a downer. better to get a blow up you can take down.

  • Rochelle Wooden
    on Jun 12, 2018

    How much did you spend on chemicals every month and how much did it cost you to fill it?

    • Janet
      on Mar 31, 2019

      I have an ingound pool in NJ and I buy a 40lb bucket of chlorine tablets for about $90-100 each summer. I rarely have to use anything other than that and my pool is always clean and sparkling. If you have your pool in an area with no trees it will stay clean. The only other things I use is shock for the box after heavy rains or heavy use. I've had my pool since 1986. I found that when took my water for testing they always found I needed a million expensive chemicals. After using them my pool was a mess and my liner was bleached out. I have a pool guy to open and close it and he told me not to use anything other than chlorine and shock. After taking his advice, my pool has been perfect ever since. As long as you get good quality chlorine and not some cheap stuff which has a lot of nothing in it.

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  • Lisa Yax Sayers
    on May 21, 2019

    Yes if I lived there we would have done the same. It was 45 here this morning...a pool doesn't make sense. Make it a great day.

  • Nvtbd
    on Jun 25, 2019

    In most communities leaving the shell in the ground isn’t allowed, it still holds water, and the homes property records still reflect that the home has a pool. We learned this when considering the purchase of a home with a ruined pool. Might want to check your local ordinance.

    • Good point, however, if you read he did not leave the shell in tact.

      he used a jackhammer to break it up and left the prices in the hole to help fill it :)

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