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DIY Felt Bird

With Spring in the air and Easter almost here, I felt like messing around with felt. The bright colors literally put a smile on my face. Besides, felt is the easiest medium to work with. It doesn’t fray or unravel, and it is crazy easy to sew. With a bit of embroidery yarn and some imagination, you can really have fun creating some super cool, folksy projects. I love this easy DIY to make Spring decor for my home!

Photo Cred: Anya McInroy
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
  • felt, in varying colors
  • embroidery thread, in varying colors
  • paper clips
  • old plastic grocery bags
  • craft needle
  • scissors

Trace and cut out the sides of the birdie’s body.
Note: Visit the original blog post to see our hand drawn template. Scroll to the bottom to print my uber cool template.
In order to make the tummy/breast “stick out,” I decided to use a contrasting color from the body color.
Pin the sides and breast in place.
I love the contrasting colors!
Using a bright contrasting thread, I did a simple blanket stitch.
I stitched until I reached a natural location for a leg.  Grabbing my needle-nose pliers and some paper clips, I bent the paper clip into little birdie feet.
After you bend the toes of the feet, make sure to give the top of the leg a little extra bend.
That extra bend gives you something to stitch onto and anchor the leg in place.
Once you have both legs stitched in place and you have the rest of the bird’s body stitched up, leave a tiny opening to stuff your bird.
 Because I am not necessarily the type of girl who has polyester batting bags just laying around, I got creative with some old plastic grocery bags (LOL but that was a hunt, too…since San Luis Obispo does not hand these bad boys out anymore!)
Stitch it closed.
Sew on the wings and the beak. Last step is to embroider some eyeballs and your set!
Ok, I am patting my back here a bit.  My little birdie turned out so cute!  And he honestly didn’t take all that long to create.  He is going to be such a cute springtime decoration!
Happy Spring!

Materials used for this project:

  • Felt (in varying colors)
  • Embroidery thread (in varying colors)
  • Paper Clips
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To see more: http://zestitup.com/diy-felt-bird/

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