How to Clean Your Oven With Just Baking Soda!

If you are faced with a nasty oven, full of burnt on, smelly stuff, and don't have the self-cleaning oven feature, or the (toxic) fumes from the self-cleaning oven feature makes you run for the hills, then this just may be the perfect, natural solution to cleaning your oven - baking soda!
Step 1: Have an oven that you've neglected for far too long...
Step 2: Remove all the large black chunks and any other visible debris from the bottom of the oven first.
Step 3: Remove the racks. Spray the entire entire of the oven with a water spray bottle. Generously cover the surfaces with baking soda.
Step 4: Let the baking soda sit for 20 minutes to overnight. If you're leaving it longer, come back and respritz with the water bottle, and apply more baking soda as needed.

The little brown spots above show that it's working!
Step 5: Begin wiping down the insides with a wet sponge (preferred) or paper towel. Use a green scour pad to apply extra scrubbing power as you go.

If any black spots remain (like pictured above) you may need to apply a little elbow grease in the form of a flathead screwdriver or flat razor blade, carefully, along the surface of the oven.
Step 6: Reinsert the racks and admire your shiny new oven!

For more tips on how to clean your oven with baking soda, be sure to head to my blog post for more details. You can also grab a printable version of this tutorial there as well.

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Suggested materials:

  • Baking Soda
  • Water Bottle
  • Water
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  • Marlene
    on Jan 5, 2019

    What happened with the sound every time the lady gets closer no sound please repost with better sound

  • Debbie
    on Jun 14, 2019

    I spilled flower in my oven and now everytime I turn it on the smoke alarm goes off how can I clean this

    • Gabrielle Falk
      Gabrielle Falk
      on Oct 8, 2019

      I would say, that the smoke alarm is working well. For that - be thankful. It is going off because it is detecting something burning, and I would guess you have an electric oven, with the element on the base of the stove. Maybe, just keep on wiping the element with some soapy (not too soapy) water. However, maybe the flour has been actually burnt on to the element. And if so, that could be very hard to move, because by then, the flour is actually seared onto the element - so therefore, to reduce the problem of the smoke alarm activating, it might be time to replace the element. Obviously cleaning has not done the job.

  • Sharon Woolfolk
    Sharon Woolfolk
    on Oct 22, 2020

    Whenever my oven is heated my racks fall down when placing items on them and no items are not too heavy,what could be going on ?

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  • Diane Kehn
    Diane Kehn
    on Feb 24, 2019

    Seems simple enough. No toxic fumes. I’m doing it! Thanks!

  • Gabrielle Falk
    Gabrielle Falk
    on Oct 8, 2019

    Me too. The racks in the oven, usually have heat marks - which can be hard to shift. What I do, is just get a container that is large enough to take the racks (check out your local hardware shop for 'anything' - think out of the box). I just put some dish washing liquid in, and then top up with tap water and let the racks soak. You still, even after 24 hours+, need some elbow grease with a kitchen scourer. Heat marks will always occur - it's impossible to avoid. The soaking also goes for the rungs with food drips on. Obviously if food drips onto the rungs, the best way to tackle that, is - as soon as you can - get the kitchen scourer, + soapy water, and ELBOW grease while the racks are warm. If you leave it for a while, and use the oven again, that detrius just gets ba ked on, and makes it even harder to 'shift.'

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