Repair Veneers With Aluminum Foil

Use Band-It Veneer Edging, painter’s tape, and activate the heat on the tape by using foil on a iron.

Fix Rotten Wood With Elmer’s Glue

Remove decaying wood, vacuum the area, and seal with Elmer’s Structural Wood Repair.

Beautify Wood With Vinegar And Canola Oil

Take ¾ cup of Canola oil and mix with ¼ cup vinegar, and wipe the wood.

Use Wood Epox To Repair A Wooden Windowsill

Coat windowsill with Epox and smear, then coat with a primer.

Apply Petroleum Jelly To Remove Water Damage

Rub petroleum onto a water spot, let soak in, then wipe off the surface.

Sand Down Veneers To Repair Damage

Sand down the damage veneer, stain the wood, and apply moulding.

Upgrade A Wood Cabinet With Paper

Buy a wood shelf liner with contact paper, and apply onto the surface.

Fix Stripped Wood With A Screw

Take a screw and dig into the wood and drill out the hole with a dowel.

Fill A Hole In The Wall With Glue

Insert wood toothpicks and fill with Elmer’s Wood Glue Max.

Remove Tape Residue With Oil

Apply Mineral Oil onto the residue and scrub off the tape grime.

Crack A Walnut To Take Out Scratches On Wood

Bust open a walnut and rub it over the scratch to remove it, then cover up with a touch-up marker.

Condition Wood Furniture To Remove Sun Damage

Eliminate damage by applying a restoring stain and wipe off after 3 minutes.

Use Bondo To Save Veneers

Mix the two parts of bondo together, remove loosened veneers, and apply.

Seal Wood Furniture With Hemp Oil

Clean the surface of the wood and use a rag to protect the wood.

Apply Faux Wood Over Boring Wood Wall

Use Stickwood by simply peeling and sticking onto the surface.

Repair Cracks In A Door Panel With Glue

Use Loctite Glue over the surface, allow to dry, and cover with paint.

Stain Wood Using Coconut Oil

Apply coconut oil over wood to create a wood grain with matte shine.

Repair Water Damaged Wood With Wood Filler

Insert wood filler into surface of the wood, sand down, and apply a varnish.

Sand Down Teeth Marks On Your Wooden Table

Remove dog chew marks on table legs by sanding down and JB Kwikwood to sculpt and repait the leg.

Fix A Chipped Baseboard With Gorilla Glue

Locate the chipped off piece of the baseboard, use Gorilla Wood Glue, and put tape over the chip to keep it in place till dry.

Repair A Termite Hole In Wooden Flooring

Shape filler piece of wood to insert in hole, cover with epoxy, and paint over with a wood stain.

Replace Rotted Door Jambs

Cut off the rotted sections and brick moulding, and apply a replacement piece with shims.

Remove Veneers With A Towel

Place a wet towel on top of the veneer, let it soak into the wood, and scrap off easily.

Use Lemon Oil To Restore Old Wood

Apply the oil onto the wood in small amount and rub into going with the grain.

Mix Vinegar And Lemon Juice On Your Hardwood

Adding lemon juice and vinegar together is a powerful cleaning agent for wood floors.

Restore Dry Wood With Mayonnaise

Mix equal parts mayonnaise, lemon juice, and olive oil to rub into dry wood to moisturize it.

Remove Deep Gouges From Wood With A Knife

Take a putty knife, after filling the gouge with filler, to shape the filler to the size of the gouge and let dry.

Strip Wood Furniture For A Makeover

Use a stripping gel, sand down by hand, then makeover as desired.

Use Shou-Sugi-Ban To Burn Wood

Sand off previous paint, run torch fuel up wood, and put flame on the wood long enough to burn.

Fix Wood Carvings With Filler

Begin filling in the indentations, let dry, and brush over with paint of choice.

Repair Splintered Wood With Spackle

Apply moderate amount of Spackle, let dry, then paint over the wood.