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Magnolia Centerpiece

7 Materials
30 Minutes

Decorate your holiday tablescape with this beautiful and timeless magnolia flower arrangement.
magnolia centerpiece
Gather your materials. You will need 8 large velvet magnolia stems, 3 peonies, 4-5 small magnolia sprays, 2 magnolia leaf sprays, 1 vase, wire cutters, floral foam, and floral tape.
magnolia centerpiece
Place the piece of floral foam inside the vase. It does not have to fit the entire shape of the vase, simply cover the base of the bowl. Use a regular knife to cut the foam to fit, if needed.
magnolia centerpiece
With floral tape, create a criss-cross pattern to hold the floral foam in place.
magnolia centerpiece
Using wire cutters, carefully trim the magnolia leaf stems, leaving about 1/4 of the stem. Then push the flower stem into the lower sides of the floral foam, creating a base. 
magnolia centerpiece
Carefully trim the velvet magnolia stems. Keep these stems the same size, this will create a rounded arrangement.
magnolia centerpiece
Push the stems into the sides and top of the floral foam.
magnolia centerpiece
Use the leaves that were removed from the magnolia stems to fill in any gaps and cover any visible floral foam.
magnolia centerpiece
Next, trim your peony stems. Push them into the floral foam between the pink velvet magnolia stems. 
magnolia centerpiece
Finish the centerpiece with the smaller magnolia floral stems. Cut these at varying lengths to create a sense of depth and contrast to your arrangement. Place these in any areas there are gaps, or that needs a color break. 
magnolia centerpiece
Using artificial flowers and greenery, you can create a floral arrangement that will last through the holidays and beyond!
magnolia centerpiece
Follow to see how you can decorate the perfect holiday tablescape!

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  • Melissa V
    on Aug 26, 2017

    Oh, I kinda figured this was another ad. No thank you-this is not social media for you. 👎

  • Phyllis
    on Aug 30, 2017

    truly something you can be proud of; you did a fantastic job. I may make this for a xmas gift. thanks for the beautiful idea.

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