DIY Wool Dryer Balls-Eco Friendly Chemical Free

You will need:
6 Skeins of 100% Wool Yarn (Patons Classic 100 % Wool Yarnworks well. If you have the Michaels orJoAnn's Fabric 50% off coupons it's about $3.00 a skein)
1 Pair of old or new Panty Hose Stockings
1 large yarn needle
Acrylic or Cotton Yarn
Your favorite essential oil (mine is lavender)

*Wraps the wool yarn around two fingers about 10 times and pull off fingers.
*Wrap the middle of the tens strands, then fold in half and begin wrapping around the entire newly forming ball.
*Continue to wrap evenly around the ball (it may seem lopsided but you can easily correct shape by adding more yarn around the area that needs it to become a ball shape).
*It will take one skein of yarn to make a softball sized dryer ball.
*When you come to about the last 5 inches of yarn, thread it though your large yarn needle.
*Once threaded push the needle through the ball and pull it out the other end. Repeat this a few times, then cut the remaining small piece left hanging out flush to the ball.
*Repeat these steps until you have 6 large wool dryer balls.Inserts the balls into your two pantyhose stocking and using the acrylic yarn tie off each ball (so they don't felt together).
*Make sure each end it tied off to keep the balls in the stockings.
*Add them to your washer with a load of towels.
*Wash on hot, with cold rinse.*Remove from washer when done, keeping in the pantyhose.
*Add them to the dryer with the towels on hottest setting and dry completely.
*Remove from dryer & remove the balls from the stockings.
*The balls should be felted now (meaning the stands are stuck together and will not separate).
*If they are not properly felted add them back to another pair of stockings and wash/dry again following the same steps listed above.
*Sometimes it takes a few times to felt the balls properly, depending on the wool you use. I use Patons and have not had any issues with not felting on the first try.
*Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to each ball and throw all six back in with the towels for about 20 minutes to complete your felt.

Notes: This is a great way to naturally scent your clothes. I am chemically sensitive so this is a must for me. I absolutely love my wool dryer balls. If you use 6 balls it will cut down on drying time while helping your clothes be less wrinkled & free of static cling. They make great gifts. You can make a couple and included the instructions with a set of towels or whatever else you want to give for a house warming or wedding shower gift.
<<<To avoids lots of wool fibers on your clothes, toss them in a little cotton laundry bag until they no longer shed (it takes several uses in dryer bag to stop the shedding). It may mean you need to re-felt the too. It can take 3 times to really felt them using new nylons each time.>>>
Yields: 6 Wool Dryer Balls
  • diy wool dryer balls eco friendly chemical free, cleaning tips, crafts
  • diy wool dryer balls eco friendly chemical free, cleaning tips, crafts

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      • Miriam I
        Miriam I Houston, TX
        on Feb 18, 2014

        Thank you for this amazing tutorial! I have the confidence to try this now. :)

          • The Elegant Home
            The Elegant Home Eugene, OR
            on Feb 18, 2014

            @Miriam I Remember to use them for a while in an enclosed dryer back to eliminate shedding...they eventually stop shedding, mine have and I love them! PS. They are a bit noisy but I shut the door to the Laundry Room and it does not bother me.

          • Paula Beckham
            Paula Beckham Murrells Inlet, SC
            on Feb 18, 2014

            Sure would like to make my own, but here in the south it's next to impossible to find wool yarn. Everything's acrylic. I ordered some online last year but with shipping, it's not a good deal.

              • Leslie Berryman
                Leslie Berryman Tucson, AZ
                on Mar 29, 2018

                Have you tried thrift stores for 100% wool sweaters? You can unwind the sweater. Also they may have yarn skeins. Color doesn't matter. Good Luck. I love mine had them 13 years!