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How to Dye Feathers Cheaply

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I have a really long list of crafts I want to make. In looking at that list (ok, I admit's a Pinboard!) I notice one big issue, I'm going to need a lot of feathers. Not just any feathers though, multicolored ones! Some of these are very specific colors too.

With 80 assorted poultry is residence I have plenty of feathers it's just a matter of getting them the color I want. Obviously I'm going to
how to dye feathers cheaply
I started with lots of chicken and guinea feathers that my animals have dropped over the years. You can buy a huge bag of these at the big box stores though, and they're fairly cheap. I collected my supplies: boiling water, a glass baking pan, stirring spoon, kids unsweetened drink mix in various flavors, white vinegar and dish soap with an extra bowl.
how to dye feathers cheaply
First, put the water on to boil and dump a packet of drink mix in the glass baking pan. 

Mix a few drops of dish soap with some warm water in a bowl in the sink. Take a handful of feathers and swish them through the soapy water making sure they are completely wet. This helps to break down the natural oils in the feathers and makes them ready to accept the dye. Rinse in cool water then squeeze gently to remove excess water. Set them aside on a clean towel.
how to dye feathers cheaply
After the water starts boiling pour 3/4 cup boiling water in the baking pan. Add 2 tablespoons vinegar and mix. Add the feathers and agitate with a spoon. Let the feathers sit in the dye mixture until just slightly darker then the desired color. Remove from dye and rinse with cool water. Lay flat on paper towels to dry. (or any towel you don't mind getting stained) If after rinsing you decide the feathers are too light you can put them back in the dye bath for awhile longer.
how to dye feathers cheaply
You can let the feathers air dry naturally, or use a blow dryer set on low to dry them. Now your feathers are ready to be used in all your super awesome crafts!

If you want to dye feathers a color that you can't find in a drink mix packet, head over to my blog post where I also show you how to use food coloring to blend your own colors.

Suggested materials:

  • Dawn dish liquid  (grocery store)
  • Bag of white feathers  (big box store)
  • Kool aid packet  (grocery store)
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