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Golden Book Birdhouse

3 Materials
3 Hours

I love the Little Golden Books  I don't know how many hours I spent reading them to my kids! I wouldn't normally suggest you destroy a perfectly good book, but when several pages have writing on them, or are ripped, you can always salvage some of it and re-imagine it into something else! I found several Little Golden books at Goodwill for 99 cents or less. I made sure none of the covers were damaged and they had at least a few usable pages. I wanted to make decorative birdhouses with them.
golden book birdhouse
I bought plain wood birdhouses at Michael's for $2.50 each after a 50% off coupon. I used the book, Mod Podge and some green interior paint I had leftover from painting a bedroom in my house.
golden book birdhouse
First I painted the base of the birdhouse....
golden book birdhouse
...along with the edge of the roof, the underside of the roof and the perch with green paint. You can use whatever paint matches your decor or the book you are using.
golden book birdhouse
I decided that I want to make several of these as gifts and to sell, so I made a pattern out of plain white paper to make the process faster.
golden book birdhouse
Next, I chose the pages I wanted to use. I placed the pattern over the page (I could see through the pattern so it made centering the image easy) traced around it and cut it out. I used a paper hole punch to punch out the hole for the perch. It was the perfect size.
golden book birdhouse
Here are all of the pages cut and ready for assembly! I painted the Mod Podge on the wood birdhouse and then placed the cut out page immediately on top of the wet Mod Podge. Then I applied Mod Podge over the cut out page and let that dry. I did one side at a time and after the first coat of Mod Podge dried I applied a second coat for extra durability.

golden book birdhouse
I had removed all of the pages of the book so I could use the book cover for the roof.
golden book birdhouse
I glued the cover of the book on the roof with E6000 craft glue.
golden book birdhouse
Here is a close up of one side...

golden book birdhouse
This is the front.
golden book birdhouse
...the back...
golden book birdhouse
...and the other side.
golden book birdhouse
I absolutely love the illustrations in these books!!
golden book birdhouse
This was such a fun project and brought back many memories of the endless hours of reading with my kids

Suggested materials:

  • Little Golden Book  (Goodwill)
  • Green interior paint  (on hand)
  • Mod Podge  (WalMart)

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3 questions
  • Leslie Chapman
    on Sep 9, 2017

    Did you also use Mod Podge on the inside and outside of the book cover?
  • Christina
    on Sep 9, 2017

    This is adorable....how can it be waterproofed?

  • Corinne
    on Sep 13, 2017

    Aren't the books copyrighted? Be careful
    • Stacie A
      on Sep 19, 2017

      Copyrighted means she can't copy parts or all of the book and pass it off as her own and not give credit to the author/publisher. She can't mass produce it either. You can copy an entire book all you want, or just copy certain pages...say to study for a quiz on the book or something like that.
      But she's not doing anything even similar...she's using the books in a craft project. You can do anything you want to do to a book you own. You just can't try to pass it in its entirety, or just parts of it, off as your own. You also need to give credit to the author/publisher if you're writing a report on a book...footnotes, etc.

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  • Ellen
    on Sep 21, 2017

    Great idea! I love this!!
  • Tammy
    on Mar 31, 2019

    It's been a while since this was posted, but I'm just now getting a look at it. This is the best idea I've seen for using these books. I wish I had thought of it. (I'm not crafty!)

    I have a bunch of these books I was going to donate. Not happening!!

    I'll be ordering bird houses today!

    Its Easter in a few weeks and these would make great basket gifts.

    I'm going to try using poly on the inner and outer "roof" to weatherproof.

    Coming from Michaels, these aren't big enough for real birds. I'm hoping to get some for actual use.

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