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Rustic Gallery Shelf #2

The second shelf I put in my house recently for wider canvas prints. Here's the original post for Shelf #1 http://www.hometalk.com/31570406/rustic-gallery-shelf-1
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy
This is what you need: 1x2 & 1x3 Lumber ($6), Minwax Stain ($8),#10 x 3 1/2 Screws ($3.50), Finishing nails ($3), a Stud finder, a drill.

First find the studs. A stud finder pays for itself in aspirin  . You want to hit studs not wires!
I mark the studs with a bit of masking tape. The lines in the wallpaper mean I don't have to line them up with where I put the boards. On a plain wall I could use a level in a vertical position too.
the 1x2 and 1x3 on the right will be used for this project.
Trim the lumber to match the length of your reclaimed wood. I stained the lumber gray after I cut it.
I screwed a 1x2 flat against the wall. Take your time and use a level.
Pre-drill the 1x3. I actually installed the screws at a 45 degree angle so first drill down 1/8" or so ( straight down is easier to start )...
...then lean the drill back to get the angle you want. The drill should pop out thru the back of the board.
Pre-load your screws to free up your hands.
Hold the board tight against the wall to as you seat the screws. It doesn's hurt to lift the outer edge of the board a hint past horizontal because the screws will pull it down.
Here's an end view of the 1x3 attached on top of the 1x2 against the wall.
Attach the cedar board with one nail right in the middle. Leave the ends loose for now. (I stole this and a few pics from the other post)
Turn the cedar back and forth until you get the most 'level' appearance you're after. This board isn't truly straight on both sides, so I had to eyeball it for what looked best. When you're happy with how it looks put a nail in each end.
Here are both shelves. The upper shelf is made of a 1x2, the lower shelf a 1x3 (with a 1x2 for suppport underneath). The neutral colors really make the photos pop on this wall, and I don't have to try and get nails all lined up. I did both shelves for around $20 in 90 min or so. I've contacted my oldest daughter for a photo session so I can add just the right canvas print ASAP

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Ask the creator about this project

  • Wendy
    on Sep 9, 2017

    Love it! This is just what I need in my living room.

  • Sandra Crosbie
    Sandra Crosbie Ireland
    on Sep 17, 2017

    Beautiful. I really like rustic, wood ideas. It looks great. 👍👍

  • Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey
    Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey Castaic, CA
    on Sep 17, 2017

    Love them! Great instructions too. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing. ❤

    • Jim Cox
      Jim Cox Springfield, MO
      on Sep 18, 2017

      Kind words x3 - Thx Thx Thx :) ( probably my favorite comment ever ♥ )

  • Lynne
    Lynne Detroit, MI
    on Sep 17, 2017

    lovely job!! so much better than buying them. thanks

  • Bonnie Bowness
    Bonnie Bowness Canada
    on Sep 18, 2017

    Hi Jim,I just love your idea and I will try that.Your family is absolutely beautiful and it so nice to see a Dad so proud of them.Great job Jim!

    • Jim Cox
      Jim Cox Springfield, MO
      on Sep 18, 2017

      Very sweet of you. Good luck and have fun! : )

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