Wicker Chair + Spray Paint = Instant Happiness

With just 15 minutes and a can of spray paint you can bring new life to a distressed wicker chair!
Time: 15 MinutesCost: $9Difficulty: Easy
  • wicker chair spray paint instant happiness
Spring is FINALLY here! It’s time to switch out the entryway for the new season 🌷.
This week the DIY challege at Hometalk is seating. So I went in search of a project at nearby thrift store.
And -holy cats!- I happened to find this rough Pier 1 wicker chair for FIVE DOLLARS 💕.
  • wicker chair spray paint instant happiness
I popped it in my SUV, took it home and put a post up on Facebook to help choose a color. I knew I wanted to put it against the house so the color needed to compliment light sage green. I am not in a Romantic Country decorating phase of life, but when my mom suggested a soft red-pink color, something clicked. I drove to the store to look at the pink shades of spray paints and found Vintage Blush!
  • wicker chair spray paint instant happiness
I wasn’t totally convinced though and grabbed a lighter shade of pink acrylic paint to brush over it for highlights. My idea was to put on a light coat of Vintage Blush so that the darker wood tones were still visible. Then highlight the top of the chair with wispy strokes in pale pink.
Before painting I needed to protect the legs from the spray paint.
Tip: Wrap the chair legs in newspaper wound with masking tape to create little leg warmers. It is much faster than painters tape because they slide right off in a flash after the paint dries!
  • wicker chair spray paint instant happiness
Once wrapped, it only took 5 minutes to spray paint and transform this piece into a dreamy looking crocheted chair
  • wicker chair spray paint instant happiness
I loved the color so much, I skipped the highlighting idea and paired it with a beaded pillow I picked up for nine cents a year ago.
Here’s the finished piece on the front porch.
My husband is not exactly thrilled with the color, but summer is right around the corner and I cannot wait to spray paint it again. It was so quick and easy!
  • wicker chair spray paint instant happiness

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