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Learn how to build a stunning garden trellis! Add both beauty and privacy to your yard. It is an easy and inexpensive way to hide ugly areas and add value to your home with curb appeal.

Stunning trellis and lanterns
Stunning trellis and lanterns

As I look out my office window I see this beautiful garden trellis, but it has not always been a beautiful view. When I started my search for a ready-made garden screen trellis none of them were large enough and the prices were over budget. I found one at Lowe's, but it was only 6 feet 9 inches wide priced at $289.00 and I needed 3 of them so that would have been $867. If I was going to have a trellis I had to make it so I draw up a plan and went lumber shopping to see if I could make it for less. It cost $322.00 to make so loaded up my truck and the Garden Trellis DIY project was underway.

Awful view
Awful view

Before garden trellis:

My view before the trellis was uninspiring and downright ugly. I wanted something really amazing and inspiring. I had been thinking about doing something for a few years and I never put it at the top of my to-do list until now.


Trash behind rotten fence
Trash behind rotten fence

I thought I would just replace this old rotten fence with the garden screen trellis, but as you can see the unsightly storage including trash cans would be exposed. So I went back to planning the fence/trellis. I had to replace the privacy fence to hide my neighbor's trash and storage it was not the look I wanted, but I could live with it.


 Attach the vertical boards to the top rail
Attach the vertical boards to the top rail

After cutting your lumber use a flat surface and start assembling the trellis according to the downloadable instructions.

Checking the trellis to be sure its square
Checking the trellis to be sure its square

Before going any further check the diagonal measurements to make sure they are the same.

Bottom back board
Bottom back board

Attaching the bottom back board (do the same for the top). See the printout for more instructions.

Finished trellis
Finished trellis

Grab your free Garden Screen Trellis plans by filling out the form HERE!

Trellis garden
Trellis garden

I choose some jasmine to climb and two cone shaped bushes. After planting those I planted moon flower and morning glory seeds between the jasmine so it would fill in the trellis this summer with flowers and greenery.

Pretty shadows from solar light
Pretty shadows from solar light

Adding Special Details:

I really liked how it turned out, but I could only enjoy it during the day and I wanted to see it at night too, so what could I do? I thought of making some lanterns using our famous lantern pattern and adding solar light inside it. I love the cracked shadow pattern these solar globes make. Checkout my super easy tutorial on lantern making HERE!

Nighttime view of the trellis
Nighttime view of the trellis

Beautiful nighttime view!

Solar lantern
Solar lantern

The vines and the wood trellis are a great look instead of that old rotting fence that was in its place. This trellis also adds value to our home.

Solar lanterns on trellis
Solar lanterns on trellis

From an unsightly view to a magical view in less than a day of work. Read the full post HERE!

Please note all wood is pressure treated

Hanging planters
Hanging planters


The garden trellis screen looked great, but I wanted to add some more details. A hanging planter was what I decided to add to both ends with simple brackets.


Suggested materials:

  • 1 x 4 x 8 (4 per panel)  (Home Depot)
  • 1 x 2 x8 (13 per panel)  (Home Depot)
  • 2 x 2 x 8 (11 per panel)  (Home Depot)
See all materials

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2 questions
  • JJ Peterson
    on Jul 15, 2019

    Is there a solid piece of wood behind some of it I don’t see that in the instructions anywhere

  • Melinda
    on Aug 5, 2019


    I sure do know what it's like looking at an eyesore and knowing 'they won't do anything to improve it.' (the people living there. Doesn't bother them.) So, I'VE GOT TO!! It seems to be no matter where we live or move to, the person next to us always turns into the worst house on the block! Whether they're there first or move in after we do. I know there's a curse on me somewhere in the world!

    My husband plans on retiring next year and the kids are grown and gone so we haven't decided to downsize by moving or to stay here. If we stay I'm absolutely going to do your trellis project in our front yard that's on a downhill slope. That is why your design is so perfect! It's a step down design that I can surely accomplish all the way down to the mailboxes! It will replace the 3 tarps I had to put up on the 3 ft cyclone fence to protect my hydrangea shrubs from the heat damage on the hot south side of the house which replaced the torn down wooden fence that had been there when I planted my shade lovers. The best part of your printed idea is that I didn't have to do a hair tearing out 10 year search for the idea and answer to my 'what am I going to do to make it look good'?


    I do have a big question for you and I don't want to ruffle anybody up or anything BUT, how come some DIYer's when they print or video tape a project that they thought up say it's a 'DIY project' ? They inferr the 'labor part' of the project of doing it also, when in fact the video or pictures show a male friend, handyman or even a hired company person doing the labor part? I come to that conclusion because there's usually no picture of the author on the work site. It reminds me of watching and hearing Martha Stewart's how to's where shes at the beginning of a build, at the middle with a tool and then at the end where she's satisfied with the project and then tells the viewer's 'YES, I can do this so can YOU!

    Does the 'DIY' statement mean you get credit for the whole project of 'doing it' even though it was the designing and paying for the costs?

    I ask only because when I see a project written or video taped with a 'DIY' statement included, I'm thinking it will be something 'I' will be able to do by myself or with a husband for a little bit of help. It's a project I can read about and hopefully accomplish myself without going through the hassles of hiring a handyman or contractor.

    In closing this over long question, I'm trying to figure out the 'Did I Do it Myself? Anyway, Your trellis TOTALLY ROCKS!! Excellent!!

    • How exciting to be retiring! My husband and I did it by ourselves. We had a few laughs on the first section, but after that we had the routine down. Hiring someone to make it was not in the budget. We made another with a planter on the back of the house. I will be adding that to the blog soon.

      Have a great week,


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  • Heather
    5 days ago

    This is gorgeous.

  • Laurel
    30 minutes ago

    I absolutely love this project. It is exactly what I need in a shorter version. I had a multi-level rotted wooden deck torn out, leaving an area that was turned into a patio needing some kind of privacy screen.

    Your project is simply beautiful and will be so pleasing and relaxing to view, for both me and my neighbors. Although, mine will be a BBDIY, meaning big brother DIY. He has the tools and the skills, I have the truck and the checkbook.

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