The DIY Trellis of All Time

I'm so happy you're here, even though by now, I do realize most of you are only here for Eddie. I can't say that I blame you.
Any time Philly or I come up with something far more fabulous and amazing than what our Visa card alone can provide, we call it the "blank" of all time.
For example, Eddie is the Schnauzer of all time.
Oh, my sweetness. Can you believe him???
I wanted a really big trellis and Phil wanted it not to be anchored to the house. Phil's a huge fan of not drilling holes in the house.

Such trellises have proven elusive. Except this one. I kinda like it, but...
It was $150.00 and it doesn't come with those cool climbing roses. Upon further inspection, I'm betting those climbing roses are fake.

Yeah, those vines are just a little too green and look suspiciously like the ones I saw falling off the Hobby Lobby truck the other day.

Cheaters. I'm so upset right now I can't see straight. Or maybe my choice of tasty beverage is causing the sudden change in my vision.

So. Philly said the magic words: "I'll pour you more wine."

No! That was the other time. This time he said, "I can build you a trellis!" Heavens, I adore that man.

We still have leftover cedar we stole from our neighbor to make our Pot Farm and our Headboard. (You should go check those out if you haven't yet. I'll wait.)

There is no tutorial for the trellis because he did most of the constructing after I'd fallen into a wine-induced coma. And I'd have no idea what to say anyway, except get our your table saw, circular saw, and drill. And be like Phil.

But I have pictures!

Here's a quick refresher in the unlikely event you had the audacity to skip my last blog post.
Playing pick-up sticks!
Inserting tab A into slot B...
Lands, he sure can make a mess, can't he?
Here's how he'll stick it in the ground:
Let's pause for a moment and inquire why we need a trellis in the first place, hmmm?

These babies!! I love clematis and I hope I don't kill them a whole lot.
I planted two varieties, and the white one is doing well. The other is a red/purple combo and it's pretty much going to die, I'm afraid. Here's the wall before:
And trellissed. Now I just need my baby clematis to grow or I'll have to replace it with those stupid fake roses.
See my new front-porch rocking chairs? Now we have a place to grow old together even if we refuse to grow up.
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  • Diana Diana on Jul 24, 2019

    How do you paint the wall behind the trellis after the plants cover the trellis?

  • Diane Diane on Sep 01, 2019

    This looks great! Question, I see how the trellis was secured, by using those bars. What are those bars called? Did you dig holes for them or drive them in once they were attached? And lastly, is there a percentage of how long the bars should be depending on the height of the trellis? Sorry for all the questions. . .

  • Jo Anne Mikulich Jo Anne Mikulich on Apr 19, 2020

    What keeps the top of the trellis from falling forward from the weight of the vines?

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  • Michelle Thomas-Keats Michelle Thomas-Keats on May 22, 2018

    Amazing idea. This I will try to make as I have brick walls and I do t want to drill into them either. This home made hand made trellis is fantastic for my white Jasmine I have in front of my brick wall. I have to keep cutting it back as it has nothing to climb into except all through my other plants so I’m going to find some wood around here get my circular saw drill and nail gun and compressor out and make this. Thankyou for your great ideas.

  • Penny D Penny D on May 23, 2018

    Definitely trying out this project. Looks a whole lot sturdier then the flimsy wooden ones we’ve seen at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Thanks for sharing this great idea! Love the humor!