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Hey everyone! If you have some gardens in your back yard and you look at them like W....T...Flip these tips might help you out! This will also teach you how to make a new garden if you don't have a messy one to clean out.

Love a cold Nova Scotian

ITS NOT HARD! I Promise!

Landscaping always seems to be scary until you do it. Start on a small area, if you follow these steps you'll surprise yourself!

Find your Bed

No really, in my case i had to find my garden bed (or lack there of)

Its still early spring so these bushes don't look like much but (I'm not sure what kind they are) they actually produce a beautiful pink and white flower and fill out super thick. Perfect, they need a garden bed, they need to stand out!

Clean it out.

Its hard to believe but all of those rocks under my feet came from this bed. After a few years they sink into the ground and get grown over (if you don't maintain them) Pull them to one side because you will need them and rake out all of the dead debris.

Edge it.

There are proper tools for edging but a pointed shovel works just fine also. Step on the shovel and pierce the ground then you can just pull Add Caption

away the grass you don't need. This just allows for a better divide between your grass and mulch.

Landscaping Fabric

This part is easy, anywhere you want to put put your fabric! Put it UNDER rocks (to hold it down before mulch) and cut AROUND your trees/bushes

Landscaping fabric is about 20$ a roll and goes a LONG way. It doesn't allow weeds to grow up and keeps your bed tidy. You can get it at your local hardware store or garden center.


You don't have to do this step but as you can see I took all the rock I had and created a border around my garden before i put the mulch in.

Perk to doing this, its easier to keep the mulch inside the garden and doesn't mix with the grass because it creates a wall.

Add Your Mulch

Add Your mulch but cutting open your bags and raking them in about 2-4 inches thick across your garden. Now you can add solar lights or garden accessories and wait for those bushes to bloom!

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  • Denika Coakley
    on Apr 27, 2020

    The great debate. WHAT color mulch? why?

    • Monique Galloway
      on May 5, 2020

      I go with what adds curb appeal to the house....what pops with the colors. My house beige with navy blue accents and by my surprise red looks awesome....I've done brown.. it didn't look just looks plain....but it's really nice if your flower beds are raised..... I have have river rocks in my beds so the mulch against them looks really nice.....although next year......i may try something new....

  • Krafty Mrs.K
    on Apr 28, 2020

    I am in the early stages of rehabbing our front beds. the original owner filled them with Asian jasmine (no pretty flowers) and for years I just wacked it back to plant bulbs and annuals. This milder winter left our house looking like Sleeping Beauty's castle. So I am on a mission to rip it out for good and lay that landscape fabric under the mulch.

    So any ideas besides a flame thrower to kill this stuff and not hurt my azaleas or bees???

    • MG
      on May 20, 2020

      Vinegar will kill anything so if you want any plant to survive don’t use vinegar. I killed my weeds but my lawn had burned patches all over it. I was just patient and put new soil with seeds and it grew back but it takes time. Then I decided to take that approach on areas where I didn’t care to kill anything. I think vinegar has been watered down though because a couple of years after that vinegar didn’t do its trick.

  • Lailasultani
    on Apr 28, 2020

    Hi I have rats in my backyard n they r digging in the dirt n I’m losing grass cuz of them . I really need help. Can anyone tell me what to do? The grass looks bumpy all over n Ian really HATE rats n gets goosebumps 😣can anyone has any idea? Should I call professionals or I can do it myself which not a good gardener at all.

    • Lailasultani
      on May 24, 2020

      Hi everyone thank you so much for ur comments here. Last night around 7 pm I looked over my bathroom windows that it’s poop big ones n I don’t think it rats or mice poops. I don’t want to go out in my yard. What price would a professional charge. ?

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  • Suzanne Lockhart
    on May 5, 2020

    In Florida not a single weed barrier works for me. Weeds grow right on the top of the mulch through the screen. I have tried them all. Now I have pots and I pack them close and husband makes a homemade weed killer of salt and vinegar I think to spray on the weeds that pop up.

    • Krafty Mrs.K
      on May 20, 2020

      We are trying Beneficial Nematodes in out battle against termites, fleas and grubs. You water these microscopic worms in to the soil and they eat the larva of the pest but not the good earth worms. I got mine at local garden store and on Amazon. There are certain species that prey on certain pest so do some research first. Since the liquid termite poison can get into the flowers from the soil and kill bees I wanted to try these safer methods. Time will tell if it works in our yard.

      I did decide on no cardboard under mulch next to the house because one termite info website suggested damp board to lure termites.

      Maybe we need a pet ant eater LOL

  • Patty Arnette
    on May 6, 2020

    Get a RAT !

    • Artfrau
      on May 19, 2020

      Love that idea! Rat Terrier! My dog thinks everyone is a friend! I tried to train her to scare squirrels, but they just laugh at her; she wags her tail - they are friends!!!

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