A Pair of Rusty Old Barstools Become a Plant Stand

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I found these 2 pathetic looking barstools on the curb on my way home from picking up a coffee table. I thought the iron stools would make a great foundation for a plant stand type of thing to hold some of my potted plants. So into my van they went. However, my doors wouldn’t shut due to the fact I’d already picked up the coffee table to refurbish. When I do a drive & scoop to grab curbside treasures, I prefer to be inconspicuous. Instead, I’m driving home with the back door of my van up and the side doors open with all of my warning beeps and alarm noises blaring. So much for being inconspicuous! Anyway, here’s what they looked like.

a pair of rusty old barstools become a plant stand, Rusty iron chairs with broken leather seats
Rusty iron chairs with broken leather seats

First step was to remove all of the dried out, cracked leather. Luckily it just broke off with a bunch of twisting. I was left with 2 tall barstools. As usual, my “ vision” didn’t quite work the way I’d planned because of the way the barstools were configured, I had to place them in an odd position. I originally had hoped to just put them facing each other, lay some pallet wood slats across ‘em on top and bottom and call it good. I was going to hang some plants off the chair backs too. Upon discovering the bottom supports would not hold the wood in position, I went to plan B. Chair backs had to be opposite one another in order to have a bottom shelf. So that’s how the “ design” came to be.

a pair of rusty old barstools become a plant stand, Rustic iron barstools pallet wood shelves
Rustic iron barstools &pallet wood shelves

I went to my pile of pallet wood and grabbed some slats. Using my circular saw, I cut them to size to hang over a bit once they were laid across the top chair seats and bottom bars of stools. I opted to save a lot of time and just use the wood as it was as well as the stools and skipped painting anything.

a pair of rusty old barstools become a plant stand, Easy plant stand up cycle
Easy plant stand up-cycle

I had recently purchased some plant container holder wire things at the 99 Cent Only Store that I wanted to use to hang more plants off of the chair backs. The holders were $1.99 each at the 99 Cent Only Store- go figure! The plant container holders were the only things I bought and used for my “new”, very rustic plant stand.

a pair of rusty old barstools become a plant stand, Wire plant holder
Wire plant holder thingies

So after laying my slats on the stools and placing a bunch of my plants on my new plant rack, I stood back and admired it. Before heading off to the landfill, these barstools have many more years of use.

a pair of rusty old barstools become a plant stand, My plants are so happy to be off the ground
My plants are so happy to be off the ground

This stand was made mostly using stuff I found curbside. I hope you enjoyed this easy project.

The cost to make this was just $4 for the 2 wire basket hanging things I purchased. The rest of the materials were found curbside. I realize not everyone will score some fun barstools, but you could also use a pair of wooden chairs as your base. Just keep thinking outside of the box, because inspiration may hit you the next time you see something headed for the landfill sitting curbside. Thanks for viewing and happy crafting!

Suggested materials:

  • Old wrought iron barstools   (Curbside)
  • Pallet wood slats   (Curbside)
  • Wire plant pot hangers   (99 Cent Only Store)

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