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If you have been keeping up with me here lately, then you know that we are in the process of making a cat room for our fur baby, Toby. We’ve already done a shiplap wall and wallpaper in this space. So now it is time for my favorite part- decorating and styling it! And even if you don’t have a cat, this could easily be done for a dog too! I thought it would just be fun to show y’all the final product and how it turned out for us.

I love the way it turned out!

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Before Styling the Cat Room

Here is a little snapshot of how the space looked like before I started styling everything. And the in process photos of the shiplap we installed here. And also the wallpaper and the paint!

Here’s what the room looked like before anything was done to it.
My hubby is installing the shiplap here.
Shiplap all finished!
Beginning the process of wallpaper here.
Finished wallpaper before painting it.
Here is the wallpaper all painted.
Here is the cat room starting to be styled!

Install A Cat Door

As I mentioned in my previous posts, this cat room is the space underneath our stairs. We have a door that leads into this space and we always thought it would be the perfect place to have Toby’s litter box in. However, we wanted to be able to actually shut the door that way it can cut down on the smell. To do this, we ordered a cat door off of Amazon.

You can see the cat door installed here at the bottom of the door.
Toby sure loves being able to come and go as he pleases!

I will link some similar cat door options below too:

My hubby then took the door off and cut a hole big enough for the cat door. This has helped out so much because it allows Toby to come and go as he pleases without worrying about him getting stuck in there if the door shuts. You can also lock the cat door if you ever needed to, but we just leave it open and let him roam!

We also ended up ordering a brand new litter box for him to have in his new room too. We got it off Amazon as well and it has been a huge lifesaver too! You can just pull a lever and it empties out all the dirty litter into a bag below while saving the clean litter! I am so impressed with it, I had to link it and share it with y’all in case you need one for your cat too! In my opinion, it is totally worth the money!

Add Fun Metal Word Art

The first thing I did to style this space was to add in some pretty metal word art. I knew I wanted to use the phrase “You had me at meow” because I already had a Rae Dunn mug with that saying as well. So I reached out to one of my favorite small shop owners, Vintage Metal Co, and they were nice enough to collaborate with me on this project!

I love their metal art because it is so easy to hang. I have several pieces in my home already. There is a big “Gather” sign in my dining room from them and I have my office sign from them as well. The heavier signs such as the gather one has pre cut holes to drill into when hanging them. However, the lighter ones such as my office sign and this sign for Toby is much easier to hang. All you need is some command strips and that’s it. I just attached them to the back of the metal wording and then I hung it on the shiplap wall! I love the contrast of black and white there and it really pops!

Add a Shelf and Some Decor

The next thing I did to style this cat room was to install an open shelf. I always love styling open shelves and knew I needed one in here too. I have a ton of Rae Dunn cat related pieces so I knew this would be the perfect spot to display them. The faux greenery I added in also helps to balance everything out too.

Also, below the shelf I added in some pictures I have taken of Toby throughout the years. He is quite the model and I think I may need to order more pictures! It was hard to just pick three out of the many I have! I got these cool picture tiles from a company called MixPix and they are the easiest things ever to hang! They include a magnet that you stick on the back of the picture tile and then to the wall. This makes it easy to attach and move around. You could also easily change out your picture tiles this way too! I think they are the perfect personalized addition to the cat room!

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So yes, I may be a crazy cat lady, but I am so happy with how this space ended up turning out! And this is just what happens when you don’t have kids. You want your fur babies to be as happy as they can be! Plus, it also motivates me to keep this room super clean and tidy just like any other spot in the house. Before we put all this work into the cat room, I had a tendency to neglect it and not clean it as much. But now, I want it to be clean and pretty at all times! Have you ever created a cat room or a pet room before?? If so, let me know! I would love to hear how yours turned out as well!

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  • Nancy
    on Apr 8, 2021

    NIce, but what is a spare closet?

    • Charity
      on Apr 10, 2021

      Lol yes thankfully we had this extra space for it. It worked out perfectly!

  • Jenny
    on Apr 8, 2021

    Isn't it dark in there when the door is closed?

    • Charity
      on Apr 10, 2021

      There is a nightlight in there although it doesn’t really matter that much because cats can see in the dark.

  • Laura
    on Apr 9, 2021

    Picture of litter box??

    • Charity
      on Apr 10, 2021

      I have it linked on my actual blog post. I’m not sure why it didn’t show up here and I can’t link it for some reason in the comments. But if you go to my blog post it is there.

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  • Goldbeargirl
    on Apr 10, 2021

    Instead of the pictures on the wall, which I'm sure the cat couldn't care less about lol, I'd hang floating cat shelves in different lengths so the cat can climb and lay up high. They LOVE that

  • Lori Ward-Laatsch
    Lori Ward-Laatsch
    on Apr 19, 2021

    At first I was like a room for a cat seriously   then I kept scrolling you had me at the door is closed and the cat can go in and out. If I could spare a closet and had a cat I would copy you. Perfect for when a cat gets a little scared by new people or whatever. Cat's need to hide sometimes, and they need to left alone like grumpy old men  you could have just put the box in the other cat stuff in and be done but you went further showing the love you have for, not only your kitty, but also your home. Well done!

    • Charity
      on Apr 24, 2021

      Awe thank you so much! I do love my kitty a lot. And I love to decorate too so it was the perfect combo!

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