How to Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath With a Wire Hanger

I know what you're thinking: "Oh great, another Christmas ornament wreath tutorial," BUT my tutorial comes with a twist! I made my wreath one-handed. That's right, a glue gun in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Hazardous, perhaps, but my point is if you prefer your projects to be rather quick and much so that you can slam down a shot of tequila while working on it, then read on my friend...
These wreaths are SO easy and inexpensive to make.
All you'll need is a wire coat hanger, a glue gun, Christmas garland swag,
and some ornaments (cocktail is optional).
I found most of my ornaments at the Dollar Store. A handful of the larger red ones were given to me by my mom a few years ago. For the ornaments, you'll want to use a variety of sizes, textures, and colors. I used around 50 ornaments to complete this project.
The collage below is a step-by-step guide of how to create your own ornament wreath.
Approximately $9.00 and 30 minutes later and I've got myself a pretty and festive holiday wreath! Now go grab your glue gun (and a bottle of wine).

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14 questions
  • Flora
    on Nov 22, 2015

    Love this. will make one. I did not see what the glue gun was used for. Was it to stick the bulbs together?

    • Pamela J. Ludington-Rice
      on Aug 24, 2016

      You need to glue the little tops of the ornaments so they don't come off. Glue gun could be used or probably any craft glue? Also she may have used the glue gun for the pinecone and tinsel decorations! I have wanted to make one of these for years! I may just do it NOW!!!

    • Shawna Bailey
      on Dec 7, 2016

      Good answer Pamela!

  • Shelese Demeritte
    on Oct 23, 2016

    Good day, how do you place the ornament on the hanger?

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Oct 24, 2016

      You just slide the ornaments on the hanger through their hooks.

    • Nna14352865
      on Nov 7, 2016

      I also have made one these and ornaments that doesn't have the hook for various reasons . You can turn to inside and glue to two ornaments

  • Eli13641939
    on Oct 23, 2016

    I still can't work out how you got all the balls on as there are several all together .

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Oct 24, 2016

      You just keep sliding them on the hanger, the more you put on the more they "poof" out like that.

    • Jen15162380
      on Nov 24, 2016

      Using balls that are of different sizes will help to fill in gaps & makes it interesting

  • LuAnnMcElhaney
    on Nov 11, 2016

    After you attach the holiday foliage do you twist the hanger back together at the top to hang it ?

  • Cay14742262
    on Nov 20, 2016

    How do you twist the hanger back together without breaking the hanger because every time that's what happens to me?!

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Nov 21, 2016

      Wow , that's weird wire hangers are typically really hard to even bend, I'm surprised they're breaking on you! I didn't have that problem at all. Maybe see if you can find some thicker wire hangers. Sorry, wish I had a better answer!

    • Jen15162380
      on Nov 24, 2016

      Use needle nose plyers and carefully bend into desired shape

    • Fre3152328
      on Dec 3, 2016

      I used bread ties or zip ties to closensure the hanger. :-)

  • Meridith zimmerman
    on Nov 28, 2016

    Approximately how large in diameter would you say the wreath turns out to be using one hanger? Thx!

  • Trisha huber
    on Nov 30, 2016

    I might have missed something but what do you use glue gun for?

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Nov 30, 2016

      Hi, Trisha at the bottom of every post on Hometalk there's a link that says "see more" and it takes you every blogger's full tutorial. We usually only share snippets here. The glue gun is used for gluing the tops/caps down on the ornaments so they don't pop off. Hope that helps!

  • Eileen McGuire Hahn
    on Dec 5, 2016

    Maybe this sounds stupid but how do you string the ornaments to the wire?

    • Eileen McGuire Hahn
      on Dec 5, 2016

      Oppss just figured it out lol...Beautiful project. Thanks for sharing💜

    • Shawna Bailey
      on Dec 7, 2016

      Yea I had to look at that a few times too to see how it was done.

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Dec 7, 2016

      Thanks Eileen! Yes, all of the bloggers share snippets here and then if you click the link at the bottom of the post that says "see more" it shows more of the steps!

  • Renae Hill
    on Dec 7, 2016

    Do you have to use two different size ornaments? Can you use ornaments all the same size?

    • Shawna Bailey
      on Dec 7, 2016

      Yes, but the smaller ones fill in the empty spaces better. If you only use the larger ones you might have gaps. If you only use the smaller ones then it will be less full looking.

  • Sandra LEE Olson
    on Dec 9, 2016

    How do u string the bulbs ? & how do u get the hanger wrapped after u place the bulbs, to hang it ??

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Dec 10, 2016

      You string the hanger through the tops of the ornaments. At the bottom of the post there's a "see more" link that will show you additional info

  • Clr6358937
    on Dec 21, 2016

    How did you connect the wire after the balls are on? The wire is not easy to manipulate.

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Dec 21, 2016

      I just twisted the wire hanger back together. Mine was easy to manipulate but perhaps using pliers would help!

    • Clr6358937
      on Jan 3, 2017

      I used dry cleaning hangers because they are the thinnest I could find and even a burly friend with pliers couldn't connect them well. I used white electricians tape to connect the ends. The finished wreaths (I made six) are thick and stick out when hung by the top of the hanger. They are beautiful but not as easy as indicated.

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Jan 4, 2017

      Wow! That's some strong hangers!

  • Kitty
    on Dec 28, 2016

    Do you string each bulb onto the wire,or just the base amount, then glue the others to the ones already there?

    • Shawna Bailey
      on Dec 28, 2016

      I think she strung each one on.

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Jan 4, 2017

      String each one one. You can see the full tutorial on my blog if you click the "see more" link at the bottom of the post above. I also talk about hot gluing the tops of the ornaments so they don't pop off while stringing them onto the hanger. Happy crafting!

    • Jewellmartin
      on Apr 8, 2018

      Gluing the caps on is practical. And gluing exactly where the balls touch each other is, also. I think I could line up the balls in a spiral design. To have the wreath end up flat makes sense to me for my storm door and kitchen wall. Thank you. ☺️

    • Vickie
      on Jul 13, 2019

      I tried gluing plastic ornaments ( purple, green and gold) to make a Mardi Gras wreath and the glue I used fell apart in about a month! And I used gorilla hot glue sticks! Very disappointing to say the least. So that project is put in box until next year to try again. Any ideas what I did wrong?

  • Tebello
    on Nov 7, 2018

    can you actually do this in class and pleas give me more ideas to do in class for charismas , I love your idea

  • Shannon
    on Dec 1, 2018

    I did mine but they keep popping off and breaking into the floor. What am I doing wrong? I have less than 50 on there.

    • Delightfully Noted
      on Dec 1, 2018

      Did you hot glue the caps on?

    • Sandra
      on Dec 8, 2018

      Hi Shannon

      You May need to use the plastic shatterproof ornaments instead of the glass ones, wreath will last much longer

      Good luck !

    • Susan gibbs
      on Dec 13, 2018

      Glue the caps onto the balls before stringing.

    • Marsha Kearney
      on Dec 16, 2018

      Even with plastic ornaments, glue the caps on otherwise they will pop off too. Here’s mine. Coat hanger, plastic ornaments, and burlap for a bow.

    • Sarge
      on Jun 11, 2019

      I'm way late to this party (6/11/2019) however, I made one of these 2 seasons ago and I hot glued the "cap" onto the actual ornament and once all of the ornaments were on the wire the way I wanted (color scheme wise) I hot glued them to each other so they didn't move around.

      *I also do this to the ornaments on my Christmas tree since they too are all glass. I host breakfast and gift opening at my place and I would hate to have them break while overzealous lil ones are trying to grab gifts.

    • Pops Calhoun
      on Nov 2, 2019

      Did you glue the wire bulb hanger to the bulb?

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  • McGuinness4
    on Dec 1, 2019

    I am definitely going to do this. A wire hanger, ornaments, glue gun and a glass of wine. I love this project.

  • Rose
    on Mar 22, 2020


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