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DIY Industrial Light Fixtures

I have been intending upon making some light fixtures for my cabin for several weeks now. I wanted something industrial and I began google-ing industrial light fixtures as well as searching youtube. I did find some good instructional videos and what I have made is a direct result of what I have found.
Above is my final product. But a little bit of a background...
My father died 2.5 years ago and he was an electrician. He was phenomenal with all things electrical. For some reason, he never showed me how to do anything with electronics. That is other than teach me that you do not need a wire stripper to strip wires. You can do that with a knife and a steady thumb ☺
ANYHOW I felt that electricity had to be in my brain somewhere and what do ya know? I took these parts
Some electrical cable and created this
Which was just the beginning, I wanted to make sure that the light bulb would actually light before I put it inside of a bunch of galvanized piping.
You can find this in the plumbing section of your local home improvement stores.
I will play more with this in the future to come up with various industrial light fixtures. But the nice thing is that with google and youtube, and of course hometalk.com, there isn’t much we can’t accomplish when we set our minds on our goals.

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