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New Wall "Art" for My Little Fashionista

My tween daughter is all girl so when we couldn't find any typical wall art that we liked to decorate this bare wall in her bedroom,
we came up with...a purse wall! As you can see, some other changes went down in the room too - most noticeably the wall color. The pale lavender was pretty but my daughter likes bright and bold colors and picked out this vibrant shade of green. She loves her new space!
Her comforter has blues, whites, and yellows so we chose those colors for the purses. They're hung on the wall with these cute arrow hooks that I spray painted gold.
And the best part about her new purse wall is that it's a workhorse! My daughter is a bit of a collector of little things and now we have a great spot to store them in an organized way.
Her new purse wall pretty much wraps up her bedroom makeover that we've been working on for months. You can find some fun "before" and "after" shots of the whole room here:
and also check out some of the other fun projects we did in the room - her DIY'ed bedskirt made from a flat sheet is one of my favorites!

To see more: http://www.drivenbydecor.com/2015/04/purse-wall-art.html

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