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Candle Holders From the Scrap Pile

I was reluctant to call this tutorial “Candle Holders from the Scrap Pile”, but that’s exactly where they came from! They were made entirely using scraps I had left over from other projects. Chances are, if you have built a few projects, that you’ll have everything you need in your scrap pile to build some of these candle holders too.
Difficulty: Easy
A few years ago, I built a sideboard for my dining room. It turned out great, but after it was built, I never could figure out what to put on it. Why did I build this thing for anyway?! One a recent trip to IKEA I found a trio of candle holders that I thought might work on the sideboard. The cost was about $27 for all three which seemed kind of pricey just to set some candles on. I left without them. On the ride home I thought of the scraps in my workshop. Could I make these myself?
Well, what do you think? This is what I came up with using scraps! I also used scrap pieces of bed moulding, base cap moulding and some chair rail moulding. You can use just about any moulding you have or purchase some if you don't have any. But honestly this is the perfect way to use some of those scraps laying around your shop.
The size of these are modeled after the candle holders I found at IKEA.
Glue 1x2's together, or cut 2x2's to length. Cut top and bottom pieces. Note: If you have a router, consider adding a decorative edge to the top and bottom. No router? No problem! Alternatively, you could add some cove moulding or a roundover moulding once the candle holders are assembled.
Start screws in top and bottom, just until the point is protruding. Apply glue to the shaft, put point of screw in the center of the shaft and secure screw. Repeat on the other end.
Add moulding using glue and finish nails. Mitre cuts do not need to be perfect. You can caulk or use wood filler for any gaps, plus it adds a little character when they're not quite perfect.
Fill nail holes, prime, paint, add candles and display. Hope you enjoy these. These would also would make an economical, stylish gift!
Detailed measurements and full instructions are available on the blog. Check 'em out now!

To see more: http://sawsonskates.com/2015/03/01/candle-holders-from-the-scrap-pile/

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