How to Make a Marble Mosaic on an Old Window Frame!

I love stain glass, but it can also be very expensive! Here's my version of budget friendly one!
I got a bunch of old window frames from the restore for $5.00 dollars. I love them so much because of all the possibilities! This one I painted green with chalk paint.
Next I gathered my supply of glass marbles, river stones,& gule. I then took a marker & drew out my trees, rock wall grass & sun. This is going outside in my garden so I used a strong glue, LOCTITE GO2 GEL & glued right onto the glass panes. The glue dries clear so when it's hung both sides are pretty!
I did the rock wall, trees, grass, sun & small batch of pink flowers 1st. then filled in my sky. This isn't hard, just a little time-consuming!
Here I'm starting to fill it all in, I had to stop ever now & then to un-stick my finger!!!
And here it is! This is going outside in my garden, it looks beautiful with the sun shining thru! My husband is making me two rustic shutters to attach to the sides. thinking about doing a lake & cabin scene next! What do ya think?

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  • Rebecca Gray Ash
    on Sep 22, 2019

    should the mosaic be on front facing side of glass, or can it be on backside, i am hanging mine over fireplace

  • Vienna Sausage
    on Apr 15, 2020

    So I have seen a unanswered question regarding the weight of the glass flat back stones as they were too heavy and her project broke. How did you avoid having the same outcome? I would like to make this but I'm not going to waste my time money and materials if it's just going to be too heavy and break.

  • Andrea Bayard
    on Aug 30, 2020

    I am also doing a window project but have a question. I bought some glass pebbles but they have a ceramic like back to them. Of course I need this to come off. any ideas how I can remove it????

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  • Ko
    on Jan 14, 2019

    I used marbles and it was to heavy for the glass and it broke.

    • Vienna Sausage
      on Apr 15, 2020

      A reply to your question would have been nice because I, too, want to make this but not if it's going to be a complete waste of time, money and materials.

  • Jan Thomas
    on May 24, 2019

    If the glass marbles, flat backed, are too heavy try using buttons

    • Vienna Sausage
      on Apr 15, 2020

      Buttons then turns this into a completely different project. Because the stained-glass aspect of it is gone when you switch to opaque materials. Not trying to discredit your idea.

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