Asked on Jul 28, 2015

Is this house worth my time and money?

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A good ex-neighbor of mine has just offered me this small, 1 bath, 1 bed, home, with a medium backyard, and small metal shed for 15 grand for full ownership. The last renter of his really abused the house, and caused so much trouble for him he had to have her forcibly removed from the premises, and its sat there ever since. He's old and tired of having this and knew I was young and looking so he made the offer at a seemingly low offer; BUT, It definitely needs a lot of work on the outside that I can see. I'm young and know close to nothing about home repair, so I need some intelligent people for help on this. I'm committed and ready to work, I just need guidance or advice. Should I take the deal...or leave this potential bomb-shell for someone else? Thank you so much for your time, and answers!
This is the house from the front. Dilapidated, chipping paint, snapped off porch light.
This is basically every window sill on the outside of the house. There was wood there at one point, but no longer.
Outer boards of some windows are rotted out as well. Can see bugs crawling in and out.
Gutters all around the house are fallen, or simply missing. This one should be easy enough to fix?
As before there is no gutter directing the water into the ground, so water just flows down the house, causing more damage to the boards and moss growth.
Bottom board missing, and an exposed pipe of some kind.
A lot of foundation cracks and slidings like this one. This is the least damaging of them all, the entire corner of the other side has shifted.
The outer boards of this house are so damaged they fall apart like paper Mache.
Side of house. Patio is unusable as the boards out there are like the ones of the side of the house...pure fiber. The stairs have long since fallen.
No visible stains on the ceilings at all, but definite damage as their dropping in places.
The kitchen looks very nice and visibly "fresh" from the rest of the house.
Half-finished projects? This room doesn't even have a wall. Easy enough to hang drywall though.
Stained walls (from water)? Non-sealing windows.
The ceiling in the bathroom has completely collapsed! What is this? Is this serious or an easy fix?
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  • Dbm34419323
    on Nov 23, 2018


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  • Fiddledd224
    on Mar 4, 2019

    I would have a real estate appraiser and an inspector come in to give you value evaluations. IF the estimates to repair it and bring it to code cost less than the anticipated value AFTER repairs, it may be a great deal. If not, then you should walk away.

  • Joanne
    on Mar 11, 2019

    From where I sit, the roof doesn't look too bad. It's a good fixer-upper. With some help from some family, plumbing ok? Keep all your slips, you probably , once it's fixed up, you could probably sell it for 3-4 times for what you paid for it. It's small but a good fixer-er upper. I'd give it a try. Land is expensive now days. J.

  • Barb Stump
    on Jun 25, 2019

    Update us what u did... if u bought it love to see your ideas an the finished look!! Good luck.

  • Susan Rossie
    on Jul 19, 2019


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