organizing a gift wrapping closet, closet, organizing

Organizing a Gift Wrapping Closet

When we purchased our home 11 years ago and we finally had a garage, I knew I wanted a gift wrapping...

flat file storage made with ikea tabletops, craft rooms, diy, storage ideas, It was as easy as that and more affordable than buying a traditional flat file cabinet I also love that it s a comfortable height so I can work at this table standing up

Flat File Storage Made With Ikea Table Tops

I have been wanting flat file storage for so long. When you hoard paper like I do, especially large...

diy craft table, craft rooms, diy, painted furniture, Finished

DIY Craft Table

Craft table made of Ikea Expedits, an un-bored slab door, and Sterilite clip boxes. Lots of storage...

shutter washi tape holder, cleaning tips, craft rooms, repurposing upcycling

Shutter Washi Tape Holder

Organize your washi tape and make a beautiful wall display at the same time

1 diy yarn container cat proof, cleaning tips, crafts

$1 DIY // Yarn Container (Cat Proof)

Today I want to share a easy and cheap DIY with you. I love to crochet! I love my cat! But these 2...

pegboard creation station, chalkboard paint, crafts, garages, organizing

Pegboard Creation Station

As part of a Monthly DIY Challenge I participate in with several other bloggers, I had to figure out...

unusual paper organizer, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling

Unusual paper organizer

I used dollar store napkin holders to organize stacks of paper. It's now easily accessible.

armoire turned craft cabinet, decoupage, painted furniture

Armoire Turned Craft Cabinet

It's taken a while, but I've FINALLY relocated the kids playroom up to the third floor. Yup, mama...

tape string rack

Tape & String Rack

I had rolls of tape all over the workshop, and I would pick up more when I went to the store,...

diy mason jar ribbon organizer

DIY Mason Jar Ribbon Organizer

I've been trying to get even more organized lately, and although I don;t exactly have the perfect...

craft storage from a vintage tool box, cleaning tips, repurposing upcycling, I cut gold vinyl dots and my name using my Silhouette Cameo

Craft Storage From A Vintage Tool Box

Give a vintage tool box a new life and yourself awesome portable storage for craft events. I found...

diy ribbon rack from salvaged wood, crafts, painting, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

DIY Ribbon Rack From Salvaged Wood

What do you do when you find a piece of embellished wood beside the road? You pick it up of course,...

rustic wood storage crate diy

Rustic Wood Storage Crate DIY

Want to add a bit of rustic charm and organization to your home? All you need is this simple to...

art supply storage solution

Art Supply Storage Solution - Farmhouse Style

Most days my house looks like the Crayola Crayon Factory exploded (threw up?) on my dining room...

diy beautiful desk organizer

DIY Beautiful Desk Organizer

Are you losing your keys all the time? Let’s make a beautiful organizer to keep different stuff.

dental floss sewing kit hack

Dental Floss Sewing Kit Hack

Who hasn't had a button pop at an inopportune time? Over the weekend when my own button popped I...

revolving bookcase or craft room storage, craft rooms, storage ideas, Revolving Bookcase

Revolving Bookcase for craft room storage.

I made a similar looking revolving bookcase for craft storage to one at Pottery Barn. Click on the...

pringles wine rack craft room organizer repurpose, craft rooms, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Wine Rack Craft Room Organizer

I don't know about you but I never have enough storage in my craft room.

quick closet shelving

Quick Closet Shelving Using Metal Pipe

A while back I (Steph) turned my office closet into an audio recording booth. It's been great to...

craft room makeover, cleaning tips, craft rooms, home decor, storage ideas

Craft Room Makeover

My craft room was getting out of control FAST due to a lack of storage. As one of my projects for...

make a wall hanging organizer in a day, crafts, organizing, Easy Quick Fun Sew a hanging wall organizer to keep all your craft supplies in Follow the link for the tutorial

Make a Wall Hanging Organizer in a day!

Easy. Quick. Fun. Sew a hanging wall organizer to keep all your craft supplies in!

craft space room decor ideas storage, craft rooms, organizing, storage ideas, paper station and ribbon station

So Thankful for My Craft Space

Took 10 years to get........I spend no less then 7 hours a day in my space. Love how everything is...

upcycling coffee cans into organization containers, organizing, repurposing upcycling, Tape the scrap paper around the coffee cans This hides the ripples a little bit and gives it a higher end container look Now store all your items inside for pretty storage

Upcycling Coffee Cans Into Organization Containers

I rescued a couple of empty coffee cans from the recycling bin, cleaned them up, then painted and...

placemat plastic baggies rollup organizer, crafts, how to, organizing

Placemat & Plastic Baggies Rollup Organizer

Use large plastic baggies and sew them onto a placemat. Fill the bags with your favorite supplies...

diy denim pocket organizer is making this that easy

DIY Denim Pocket Organizer // EASY, FUN AND SUPER CUTE!

We found this Pinterest pin that says we can easily make our own super cute wall organizer from...