crafts upcycling repurpose marker holder organizer, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling

From Medical Pamphlets to Colorful Markers... Roadside Find Facelift

I found this pamphlet holder on the side of the road and snatched it up.
I have given it new life as

gold industrial pipe storage rail system, mason jars, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Gold Pipe Hanging Storage for Craft Room

I knew I needed to put some sort of organization in place for my creative studio/home office, but...

trust me you need a glue gun holder, crafts, diy, woodworking projects, Isn t she pretty I painted her light almost Tiffany blue and finished her off with a matte spray glaze to protect the finish

Trust me...You Need a Glue Gun Holder!

I'm ashamed to say that my most loved craft accessory, my glue gun, was in BAD shape. Glue stuck to...

craft hutch tv cabinet repurpose redo, craft rooms, organizing, repurposing upcycling

Old TV Cabinet Turned Craft Hutch

EEK! This old beat up thing was left behind by the previous owners & for quite some time it sat in...

go big or go home was my motto for my craft room makeover, cleaning tips, closet, craft rooms, home decor, storage ideas

Go Bold or Go Home! Was My Motto for My Craft Room Makeover!

My craft room was no longer functioning in a way that gave me freedom to create so I went bold with...

cigar box washi tape holder, crafts, repurposing upcycling

Cigar Box Washi Tape Holder

Making Creative Storage for my ever growing collection of Washi Tape.
Previously, I had all my

tension rod reduce clutter

Tension Rod-Reduce Clutter! - Part 2

You may remember back to the stencil challenge in February when I redid my "Creation Station" (aka,...

diy garden twine dispenser, crafts, gardening, wreaths, This handy jar is perfect for keeping twine from tangling

DIY Garden Twine Dispenser

There are some really cool garden twine dispensers available at trendy shops like Williams-Sonoma...

revolving bookcase or craft room storage, craft rooms, storage ideas, Revolving Bookcase

Revolving Bookcase for craft room storage.

I made a similar looking revolving bookcase for craft storage to one at Pottery Barn. Click on the...

upcycled baker s twine storage, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Upcycled Baker's Twine Storage

I love a good repurpose! I'm one to try to recycle an item in my home rather than throw it away. So...

turn a cutlery chest into a sewing box, repurposing upcycling, Turn a Cutlery Chest into a Sewing Box

Turn a Cutlery Chest into a Sewing Box

I bought a cutlery chest for $5 at a flea market years ago. It's been sitting on top of the fridge...

how to easily create stunning farmhouse mason jars, how to, mason jars

How To Easily Create Stunning Farmhouse Mason Jars

March is National Craft Month, and I’m sure all you crafters will be busy creating masterpieces! As...

armoire turned craft cabinet, decoupage, painted furniture

Armoire Turned Craft Cabinet

It's taken a while, but I've FINALLY relocated the kids playroom up to the third floor. Yup, mama...

organized craft room, craft rooms, organizing, Two large peg boards with hooks make items within an arm s reach

Organized Craft Room

if you're lucky enough to have space to craft in your home, then you know that it can get...

how to build a hedgehog pencil holder power tool challenge, crafts, how to, woodworking projects

Build a Hedgehog Pencil Holder - Power Tool Challenge

Have you ever wondered if you could learn how to use power tools? Think no more. I've joined up with...

diy pencil case from cereal box, crafts, diy, reupholster

DIY Pencil Case From Cereal Box

I was going through my pinterest feed and saw a pencil case picture from Mochi things.That caught my...

sewing thread organizer and storage, craft rooms, diy, organizing, shelving ideas, storage ideas, Here is the finished cabinet

Sewing Thread Organizer and Storage

I saw an idea for a sewing thread organizer on Pinterest that I wanted. My wonderful husband took it...

10 minute organization idea using mason jars, mason jars, organizing

10 Minute Organization Idea Using Mason Jars

Get organized for the new year using this simple and easy organization idea!

storage solutions for children s arts crafts, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Storage Solutions for Children's Arts & Crafts

Brought to you by our friend Chelsea McDonnough:

My mom saved some of my artistic renderings from

ikea hack paper towel holder turned into a crochet thread organizer, organizing

Ikea Hack: Paper Towel Holder Turned Into a Crochet Thread Organizer

My friend recently took up crocheting. Her thread collection was slowly growing and unfortunately...

scrap wood organizing solution, crafts, organizing, woodworking projects

Scrap Wood Organizing Solution

When it comes to our garage, the main source of clutter tends to be the insane amount of scrap wood...

up cycled wine holder used two ways besides for wine

Up Cycled Wine Holder Used Two Ways (Besides For Wine!)

I'm a neat freak. Clutter makes me anxious and I hate when I can't find things I'm looking for. ...

how to make crafting storage on a dime come and see, craft rooms, how to, shabby chic, shelving ideas, storage ideas

How to Make Crafting Storage on a Dime {Come And See!}

As part of my storage for my new crafting cottage, I wanted to maximize the space and be very...

organization tips for small spaces, craft rooms, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas

Crammed Into Your Home? Let Me Help You With Some Organizational...

My ranch style home actually has small rooms and even smaller closets. The house was built in the...

unusual paper organizer, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling

Unusual paper organizer

I used dollar store napkin holders to organize stacks of paper. It's now easily accessible.