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100% Recycled Craft Centre

Made using recycled plastic milk containers and cardboard boxes, this craft centre has plenty of storage compartments for all your craft supplies and is easily carried around.
The main frame is a large cardboard box and there are 3 smaller boxes that fit within the larger box. Two of the smaller boxes have cardboard shelves for the plastic (milk container) storage compartments, and the last box is for taller craft suppliers. When it is all fitted together there is still plenty of space at the back for even more crafty stuff !

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Craft Closet Makeover

We are turning a small 12x12 bedroom into my craft/office room in our home. We started the process by turning the reach-in closet into my new craft closet. To make it look less like a closet, we removed the header. This really opened up the space and made it easier for me to see and reach the upper shelves. To see more of this makeover, click on the link.

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Craft Room Decor - Industrial Paint Bottle Storage

I was looking for a neat place to store all of our paint bottles. I love how the colors come together so I decided to try and make them a little piece of wall art. What I came up with was the industrial paint bottle storage using 12" duct connectors. Awesome!

old tool box turned crafting wrapping station storage, craft rooms, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Old Tool Box Turned Crafting /Wrapping Station Storage!

My husband has so many tools! That he had to graduate to a tall free standing tool chest for all of his toys! In very good shape and needed a girly make over!

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Build a Hedgehog Pencil Holder - Power Tool Challenge

Have you ever wondered if you could learn how to use power tools? Think no more. I've joined up with a group of DIY bloggers to create easy to do projects utilizing a basic power tool. For this challenge it's all about the jigsaw, and I'm showing you how to build this fun and functional hegehog pencil holder. (also could be a rainbow, a car, a bear, a bumble get the idea!) It's perfect for back-to-school, art, office...endless possibilities! Come get the DIY details in the link below -->>

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Upcycled Baker's Twine Storage

I love a good repurpose! I'm one to try to recycle an item in my home rather than throw it away. So when I discovered the smaller Pringles cans I knew just what to do with them!

diy sewing kits out of altoids tins

DIY Sewing Kits Out of Altoids Tins

In this post, I'll show you how to make some cute and sparkly Art Nouveau themed sewing kits out of old Altoids tins, paper, washi tape, felt, and metal stampings. You can use these to store small sewing and embroidery projects or just as trinket boxes. I've included a free pdf pattern on my blog with templates for the top, bottom, and inside of the Altoids tin. Here's everything I used to make these cute sewing kits. I bought the metal stampings years ago for a jewelry-making project, but they turned out to be larger than I was expecting, so I'm glad I finally used them for something.

go big or go home was my motto for my craft room makeover, cleaning tips, closet, craft rooms, home decor, storage ideas

Go Bold or Go Home! Was My Motto for My Craft Room Makeover!

My craft room was no longer functioning in a way that gave me freedom to create so I went bold with the paint and organized all my supplies with everything from jars to plastic file folders to baskets. I also included an area for photographing my projects, and chalkboard tags were a must! All the details are on the blog.

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Acrylic Paint Storage - Easy to See Colour!

I always have a mess of paint, and sometimes because I cannot find one, I buy another and end up with numerous containers of the same colour - which is not bad if it is a colour you use often, but if its puce?!?!?!

what can you do with 12 sq ft of space turns out quite a bit, bedroom ideas, cleaning tips, home decor, painted furniture, storage ideas, Before the makeover this tiny space behind the bunk bed was a reading corner

What Can You Do With 12 Sq Ft of Space? Turns Out, Quite a Bit!

My daughter was desperate for a work space/desk in her bedroom. The problem? I only had a 4ft x 3ft corner in which to put it.
See how I solved that problem below.

vintage desk restore sewing craft, painted furniture

A "New" Sewing and Craft Desk

I turned an old secretary desk into a sewing and craft table.

make free storage by upcycling your empty paint cans with paint chips, craft rooms, crafts, fireplaces mantels, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Make Free Storage by Upcycling Your Empty Paint Cans With Paint Chips

I was painting the spare room to convert into a craft room. Instead of throwing away the empty paint cans, I decided to use them to create some free craft storage buckets.
To make these storage buckets fun and colourful I upcycled them with paint chips from the DIY/Home store. The paint chips create a great ombre effect and enable me to colour code my crafts supplies.

pegboard craft organization, organizing, storage ideas, Pegboard gives a visual to everything in my craft room

Pegboard Craft Organization

This is not your grandfather's pegboard... remember when he outlined ever tool? This is an organization system where everything is at your fingertips and easy to grab! Easy to build, easy to change out for whatever you want to hang. All my craft items are right where I can see them and easy to find!
Stop by and take a look!

diy garden twine dispenser, crafts, gardening, wreaths, This handy jar is perfect for keeping twine from tangling

DIY Garden Twine Dispenser

There are some really cool garden twine dispensers available at trendy shops like Williams-Sonoma and Terrain...but why pay the big bucks when this one is free?! Full instructions and uses for twine in the original post:

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Organizing a Gift Wrapping Closet

When we purchased our home 11 years ago and we finally had a garage, I knew I wanted a gift wrapping station! My husband built-out our garage using IKEA cabinets and I decided I would dedicate one of the cabinets to gift wrapping. During the holidays and months that are full of birthdays, this closet is a workhorse.

time to organize those craft supplies with a planner, craft rooms, crafts, organizing

Time to Organize Those Craft Supplies With a Planner

Got a lot of supplies....come check out this new craft planner from the cutting cafe.....there is a video at the very bottom on how I made mine.

the ultimate craft closet makeover

The Ultimate Craft Closet Makeover

There is nothing more frustrating when crafting or making than knowing you have what you need, but you can’t find it! I read a quote once that stated “if you can’t find it, you don’t own it!” I think of that often when I can’t find something and have to buy again in order to start or finish a project. Although we have lots of craft/maker supplies for Mother Daughter Projects stored at Steph’s house, they were becoming more and more inaccessible due to lack of organized storage. Over Christmas Steph decided she had had enough of the mess and started to digitally put together an idea to install an organizational system into the closet in the Lego room. The closet we are working with is 86" wide x 96" tall x 23" deep. We are calling this a semi-DIY because we are not actually building anything. With the exception of cutting a few pieces of closet rod, all the other components are ready to be installed and come with all their parts to get the install done quickly.

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Tape Organization

I had two boxes of crafting tape that was sitting around. Every time I wanted to use it, I would have to rifle through all the tape to find the one I wanted. I decided there had to be a better way.using 5 tier hangers, I organized my tape according to size and theme. What I got was a solution that not only saves time, but empties two boxes from my shelves.

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Mobile Gift Wrap Cart

I'm embarrassed to admit my gift wrapping supplies have been shoved haphazardly into a tub for years . After the holidays every single year, I promise to organize it but I'm so tired it just has been overlooked. That is until now.

trust me you need a glue gun holder, crafts, diy, woodworking projects, Isn t she pretty I painted her light almost Tiffany blue and finished her off with a matte spray glaze to protect the finish

Trust me...You Need a Glue Gun Holder!

I'm ashamed to say that my most loved craft accessory, my glue gun, was in BAD shape. Glue stuck to the outside, sitting on a tile also covered in old hot glue. So I convinced my wonderful hubby and resident hand-man, Ethan to build me a hot glue gun holder. It may be the best thing ever. No more falling glue gun or fire hazards!

revamp a hope chest with contact paper, painted furniture

Revamp a Hope Chest With Contact Paper

I was given a lovely hope chest as a graduation gift 15 years ago, and it has NEVER fit into my decor. So when I was redoing my craft room, I decided to give it a little makeover. I didn't want to do anything I couldn't un-do, so I used contact paper to jazz it up! The results were amazing!

a fun way to organize your craft room, organizing, I needed a way to organize my ever growing collection of baker s twine

A fun way to organize your craft room!

Learn to make these cute mason jar twine holders. It's a great way to organize your craft room using items you already have (plus a few extras from the hardware store).
Update: I would like to address the two biggest questions I've received regarding this project:
Question #1. Where did I get the daisy lids? I have included three links on my blog where you can purchase them. One link takes you to gold ones, one takes you to silver ones, and another takes you to a link selling the lids with the jars.

diy mason jar ribbon organizer

DIY Mason Jar Ribbon Organizer

I've been trying to get even more organized lately, and although I don;t exactly have the perfect office, I do have sort of an office-in-a-cabinet in the dining room, and a craft-room-in-a-dresser in there as well. Apparently they’re actually working pretty well for us because when I went in there to do some major organizing, I realized that everything was actually in pretty good shape!

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Armoire Turned Craft Cabinet

It's taken a while, but I've FINALLY relocated the kids playroom up to the third floor. Yup, mama reclaimed the room and decided this would be the first piece of furniture to make it's way into MY new studio space! My new craft cabinet was part of a vintage Thomasville bedroom set that my mom bought on Craigslist. Lucky for me, she didn't need this particular piece.

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Gift Wrapping Center

I have a lot of wrapping paper, mostly Christmas. My husband and I have been organizing my craft room and wanted to make an area dedicated to gift wrapping. This is what we did.