Lacy Toilet Lid Cover

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1 Hour
When my little cabinet turned out so cute, I decided to "foo foo" my toilet lid, too.
I had several doily choices, so I laid them out for consideration.
Nothing really allowed me to have matching mini doilies and I wanted that. So I went to a larger doily which worked.
I finally decided to go with a larger doily that didn't take as much work and looked pretty good for as old as it was.

With a green mini doily in the center, and two different styled ones above and beside, I hot glued them to the larger one.

Then I double stranded some matching cream colored thread in my darning needle. I then went through the two outer edges and continued around.

Drawing it taught just enough to put it over the edges helped to secure the position of the cover.
When it was in position, I drew the thread to itself and tied several knots. Some people leave their lid down, so you can put it on the top. I leave mine up so I put it under the lid. N-JOY!!

Suggested materials:

  • Old doily   (Had at home)
  • New Mini-Doilies   (Amazon)
  • Darning needle   (Had at home)
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