Organizing a Small Bathroom Space

I’m surprised to admit it. I never thought that I would so adamantly love only having one small bathroom. However, living on my own I think it’s perfect – sized just for me and my needs. Plus, it makes cleaning such a breeze which is probably why I love it so much. I don’t know if I’ve ever confessed it here before, but I LOATHE cleaning toilets more than any other chore on earth.
Toilets aside, one important area in my bathroom that I do love to organize and clean is the shelving conveniently tucked in behind the door. Yes, I love a small bathroom but I may not be saying that if there were no storage. That could be very challenging for a girl and her products (guilty as charged!).
Here is the before and after. Same shelves but such a better, cleaner, brighter look!
I love these shelves but they were not so pretty for quite some time. Usually that door stays open (the charms of living by yourself) and blocks the shelving so I never really had to look at the mess it. Ah the beauty of the grocery store fruit and Cottonelle boxes. Maybe not. (But yeah, I’m only on toilet paper box two of four that I won two years ago).

Finally, I carved out some time one weekend and decided it was time to make something of this little nook.
First things first was to get rid of the boxes and find some more pleasant looking storage. I took some time scouring Craigslist with the specific dimensions of the bottom nook and finally came upon a little cabinet that would fit perfectly.

Once I brought it home it was smaller in the space than I first imagined but still works like a charm.
However, the outside appearance wasn’t totally charming yet. It was laminate all around with lots and lots of nicks and scratches. Nothing a little sanding, primer and paint couldn’t fix.

Since I would be painting inside my apartment (painting outside in my apartment complex has its challenges) I used a no odor primer after sanding down the laminate. I did two coats of this with a light sanding after each one.

Then I dug through my paint leftovers (a challenging task since all my painting supplies are in my storage unit) and found the so-called navy blue from the sunroom makeover. It is Pantone’s Navy Blue mixed in Duramax by Valspar but it definitely reads more purple blue than navy blue. But I had it on hand and like the color. It fits in the blue bathroom.

I ended up doing three coats of the blue since it was a darker color, and I always find it challenging to get an even color with just two coats.

As I was waiting for paint to dry (thrilling as always) I cleaned up the cheapo, lightweight hardware and sprayed them with a little silver (my favorite from Rust-o-leum that I also painted the kitchen hardware with). I thought the silver sparkle would be perfect in the bathroom.

As a final step to add a little extra bling to the cabinet, I lined the bottoms of the drawers with some pretty paper I had in my collection.
I put her together, fitted her in the new space, and then loaded up the drawers with all the items that had previously been haphazardly stacked on the shelves or in boxes. It’s not too pretty in the drawers since they are on the smaller size but I have them organized by use and type so it works.
The last piece was prettying up the shelves. I had a fun time scouring the basket area at Michael’s with a tape measure to find a basket that fit the dimensions of the shelves exactly. I am happy to say I scored the PERFECT one! It was worth the weird looks as I measured baskets on the floor in the aisle.
The basket was the perfect fit for all that toilet paper and a few small hand towels!
The regular towels were pretty enough on their own so they stayed where they were. I also lined the outside of the shelves with pretty washi tape.
Then I had a fun time styling the third shelf.
I have a two perfumes that are pretty that I wanted to show off. Plus, I have a mission to always have flowers in my home. They just make me so happy. However, I’ve realized that I want flowers in every room in my house but not every room is conducive for keeping them alive (like the black hole that is my bathroom). I decided to try my hand at fake flowers. Welcome this lovely (fake) peony that I am quite pleased with! It’s just what the spot needed.

To the left is a basket I previously purchased and stored all my hair supplies. It’s been doing a good job for years now so I didn’t change it. I love the outside of the basket and think the colors work great but I don’t love that you can see all the contents. I might look for another basket with a hinged top but really, I probably won’t. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It makes morning easier so that’s really the biggest win ever, right?!
Also, that little box on top of the cabinet is a cigar box my dad gave me. Now it holds nail polish!

There it is, a modest little makeover for my bathroom that makes me happy to use every day! I love blues in every shade and especially like mixing them in a space so I am digging how this bathroom has come together. Now to start brainstorming ideas for renter friendly artwork that can withstand the humidity this bathroom creates!
Megan Aubrey
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  • Karen Clemens Fox Karen Clemens Fox on Feb 27, 2019

    Megan- Great work! I admire your determination in hunting out the perfect pieces!

    Heres a DIY idea that might work for your 'hair' basket- instead of looking for a totally different item (i agree if it aint broke...but theres ALWAYS room for augmentation!)-maybe your luck will hold & you can find a bowl type basket thats a slightly larger diameter that would work as a domed lid? If it is a traditional woven type you could whip stich around one of the original containers handles to attach the bowl top (im thinking flexible hinge) & even add something decorative on the opposite side for the other handle to slip over & secure the whole thing shut. By useing something pretty that matches the original base it would not only literally but aesthetically TIE THE PIECE TOGETHER -maybe even the whole makeover? Im not big into everything needing to MATCH but some people are- to each their own-

    . *\_{'×'}_/*.


  • Linda Brown Linda Brown on Oct 03, 2019

    You could make your own with a pretty shower curtain