Guest Bathroom Makeover With Hand-Crafted Vanity

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Greetings! We've been living in our new home nearly four years now, and our guest bathroom, until recently, was still unfinished. While that might sound like a terrible inconvenience, no one really likes us enough to want to be our guest in the first place. Probably because we make you bring your own beer and wine, and insist you bring us a supply as well.
Or, perhaps, it's because our Schnauzer (Gracie) refers to this space as "The Room Where Dad Poops Every Morning." This is Gracie, because I know you wanted to meet her. She loves you, too.
That's right. There was a toilet, but unless you wanted to wash your hands in the bathtub (or in the toilet you just defiled), you must find an alternative soap-and-water source. So, why does Philly poop here instead of in our beautiful master bath? It's simple. There are two creatures indigenous to this particular bathroom that are terribly important to his "process." First? The Squatty Potty (or, as I call it, the poop stool--which is a bit redundant and makes me giggle). Second is Mr. Kindle, upon which Philly ruthlessly battles Spider Solitaire while taking care of business. Can you guess where the sink should be?
I didn't think so. Why have we waited so long to install a sink vanity? It's because of my undying love for my husband, that's why. Over the years, he has begged and pleaded with me to purchase a ready-made vanity and plop it in there. I have held fast to my vision of (him) building an open-style vanity with a vessel sink that will fit perfectly into the alcove in the bathroom. You see, I know how much pleasure and pride it will bring him to gaze upon his hand-made creation every time he...ummm...sits. My friends, that day has come. We roughly followed ANA WHITE'S FARMHOUSE VANITY plan. I know that you know I mean Phil followed the plan. I don't power-tool. Unless it's the electric corkscrew to ready delicious wine for consumption. I'm all over that. We went on a date to Menards and hand-picked out the various pieces of cedar to use to build the vanity. I chose not to stain the cedar because: 1. I'm lazy 2. Cedar is soft and might not take stain evenly 3. I'm lazy and didn't want to deal with it 4. The bathroom is poorly lit, so I wanted to keep the vanity light in color 5. I'm lazy. Here's the final product, with enough General Finishes High Performance Flat to choke a velociraptor.
After the vanity was finished and installed, it was time to move on to tile. I think this tile looks like Groot, but maybe that's just me.
I barely had time to blink, and Phil had the tile completed!
We recycled a mirror I originally bought for the foyer, but I picked up a few other necessities I found along the way. Like this:
I was also able to sell Phil on the idea of adding faux board and batten to the bathroom. It made such a HUGE difference that now I want it everywhere. Isn't he a lucky guy? Are you ready for the big reveal?
I love it. Do you love it?
Some of the faux board and batten.
Best seat in the house!
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Suggested materials:
  • Tile   (Lowe's)
  • Cedar   (Menards)
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