Boys Bedroom Remodel With Plank Wall

Out with Skylander's and in with plank walls. It was time to update my sons bedroom with age appropriate decor. Inspired by Fixer Upper featured on HGTV.
Finished product :)
Oudated, no style.
We bought 5.0mmx4x8 Utility hardwood plywood for approx. $13 a sheet from Lowes to be ripped down on the table saw to 6" strips to create the planks. Lowes will cut them down for a small fee.
Large closet very limited due to small 30 inch door.
Can only access immediate opening.
Now opened up to 60 inches and sooo much more space.
All the planks are up and ready to paint.
We nailed the end of each strip into a stud to ensure the panels wont op off. No sanding was required. Painting the planks with semi-gloss white sealed the wood up nicely and created a smooth finish.
New 60" bifold doors are installed. This required us to tear out the current surrounding wall and rebuild/resize the opening to accommodate the larger bi-fold doors.

The furniture is painted a slate blue while the wall is Pebble Grey.
The galvanized magazine rack was ordered from Magnolia,, for $24. I found the Tin bucket from Belks on Clarence for $20.
The lighting is from The cage, wire kit and pulley system cost approx. $30.
My daughter n law made the compass for me from vinyl. I downloaded the "follow your arrow" print for a small fee and used an old frame painted black to display the artful print.
@ Belks on Clarence for $11
All furniture updated with a coat of blue slate paint.
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  • KatAych KatAych on Mar 29, 2016
    Love it! He must really enjoy hanging out in his space!

  • on Mar 29, 2016
    Super great!! I like that you didn't do the closet wall...makes it look like it was authentic to the outside it!

    • Bj Moore Bj Moore on Mar 30, 2016 Thank you, I never even thought of it from that perspective but very true.