'Off The Wall Ideas With Wallpaper': The Chest of Drawers

16 Hours
I was honored with the recent opportunity to team up with 'Walls Republic' and 'Hometalk' in showcasing 'Walls Republic's' amazing line of product(s). I hope you'll follow along and see the various ways I used their product. Also be sure to check out http://www.wallsrepublic.com/ for their photo gallery, wallpaper calculator, customer testimonials and much, much more. Thank you tons!
So let's get started...
'Your Inspiration Is Here'... That's right 'Serenity Sand R1373' (my wallpaper of choice found at http://www.wallsrepublic.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=serenity+sand&Submit=GO) was in the box and ready to flow.

I was inspired to create a calm and serene, yet rustic and romantic vignette using reclaimed lumber, thrift store finds and 'Serenity Sand'.
Is this the picture that comes to mind when you hear 'Wallpaper'? You're not alone. The thought of hanging wallpaper with the products of yesteryear is a nightmare.

NO FEAR, 'Walls Republic' is here. With their high quality and durable paper, you don't have to worry with the snafus of DIY disasters. Wallpaper on my fellow Hometalkers, wallpaper on.
After removing the original knobs from this neglected chest of drawers I painted away in my favorite (and probably overused) color of this season.
Next, I distressed and roughed up the chest of drawers with sandpaper to achieve the chippy and aged look.

After the distressing I stained and wiped, stained and wiped to give it an informal and antique finish.
Once dried it's go time on applying the wallpaper.
After precise measuring it's read to roll.
I applied the wallpaper paste (thank you Lowe's) with a mini-roller.
After the application I went over it to smooth out any air pockets and to remove excess paste. Then I followed with a clean damp cloth (not pictured) to clean the surface of the wallpaper.
'Serenity Sand', she's a beauty.
Wallpaper can also be used as a functional piece to line your drawers (your chest of drawers that is).
I need detail, intricate detail. To match the beauty of the 'Serenity Sand' design I wanted to add some flavor to the corners of this piece.

To do so, I measured two equal lengths on each corner.
Then using a rounded object (the can of stain) I lined up my two measure marks and cut away.

However, let it be noted that you would not want to cut away on a furniture piece that you don't intend to be rustic and distressed. The use of a cutting board would come in handy in that case.
The result is a nice and even curve.
There she is, curves and all.
Next step is upgrading the hardware. For that task I turned to my friends at 'D. Lawless Hardware' http://www.dlawlesshardware.com/.

For this particular project I chose to go with the 1-1/4" Knob Top Ring - Venetian Bronze. Find this exact product here: http://www.dlawlesshardware.com/bronzeknob.html Thank you 'D. Lawless Hardware' and the gang!

More to come! Check out 'Off The Wall Ideas With Wallpaper': The Framed Décor here: http://www.hometalk.com/diy/decorate/walls/using-wall-paper-for-rustic-frame-wall-decor-8503579
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