Guest Bedroom Furniture Makeover From Orange Pine to Soft Grey

by Carole
I don't have the before shots to show you but I am guessing you all know what the look of orange pine timber looks like. Very popular in the 80's. We had this bedroom suite of two bedside cabinets and a tallboy for about 17 years or so and it used to be in our master bedroom. Upon moving house some three years ago we relegated this pine set to the guest bedroom. Having used the Minwax White Based Wood Stain with a Slate grey tint in it for some other projects I suddenly had the brain wave of using it for this bedroom set. After all grey is the new black! So anyhow, here are the after shots. My husband likes it. He is usually very worried if I suggest painting anything we own but more than happy for me to paint stuff I am selling. He is a little conservative! LOL! This grey is a soft washed effect and I went over it after with two coats of poly acrylic by Minwax with a light sand using 220 grit sandpaper in between coats. The furniture was sanded before using the wood stain to enable the stain to penetrate. I like that you can still sort of see the pine through it and it makes the colour look softer than the Slate colour might otherwise be.
Previously orange pine tallboy.
Just don't look under the bed. LOL!
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